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A modular solution, SaaS or on-premises

Fluid Topics is available in three versions


adds advanced features such as support for user-generated content and the ability to link Fluid Topics to your IT system with controlled access based on user authorization profiles.

All Premium features plus...

  • Index support for knowledge bases, wikis, catalogs and other data sources
  • Taxonomies and thesaurus import and management

  • Support for User Generated Content in PBKs

  • External authentication with external LDAP or enterprise SSO
  • Content access filtering based on groups and roles
  • Web Services (REST API) access to Back-Office interface


adds personalization features such as saved queries, alerts, scopes, bookmarks, comments, and personal books (PBKs), to name a few.

All Essential features plus...
$980/mo or $18,800 in license mode

  • Saved searches, alerts
  • Custom views

  • Index and search support for legacy unstructured content (PDFs, …)

  • Bookmarks
  • Personal books (PBKs) creation and management
  • Support for saving PBKs as HTML or simple PDF files

  • Local authentication
  • External authentication on social media (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)
  • Private and public content access filtering


includes all search and read functions as well as tools for analyzing search behavior and communicating with users.

All these great features below
$790/mo or $14,800 in license mode

  • Semantic search of topics or books
  • Smart autocomplete
  • Self-learning spell-checker
  • Dynamic filtering with facets
  • Online reader with “infinite scrolling”
  • Related content download

  • Index support for DITA or other XML-based content
  • Synonyms management

  • Context-specific messages in search results

  • Back-Office tools for monitoring and analytics

  • Ready-to-use portal and widgets for integrating with existing web sites
  • Web services (REST API) application integration

Fluid Topics adapts to your technical, operational and financial constraints


We run it on our private and secure cloud. We guarantee enterprise-level availability and quality of service. You remain focused on your core business activities while we take care of the rest.

On-Premises License

This option keeps the control and security of sensitive information close to home. We provide support throughout installation, configuration and operation.