Fluid Topics Benefits Everyone Inside and Outside Your Company

Fluid Topics capabilities answer the prayers of many people: end users, partners, technical support technicians, technical writers and managers, and sales and marketing decision makers.

End Users

love the power of finding exactly the information they need and making it their own.

Accelerated productivity
Users find information they need whenever they need it, rapidly and in context, all in one place. That means they return to the work they want to do: getting answers, solving problems and making better decisions much, much faster and with less chance of error.

Continuous productivity
Users pull together multimedia content to build personal books (PBKs), adding comments and pieces of information to create their own specialized knowledge hub, a limitless living library to use time after time.

Expanded productivity
Users easily share discoveries and knowledge with co-workers, clients, sales staff and partners, exponentially expanding the productivity impact.


value the ability to refine and customize content for their use.

Single access source
Partners quickly and easily find technical, support, sales, marketing content from one convenient unified access point.

Customization tools
Partners create their own manuals and marketing collateral, tailoring information and incorporating their specific know-how to create books that reflect their unique value as system integrators.

Monetizing added value
Partners use customized content with their logo and style to engage and support customers, strengthening brand loyalty for them and for you.

Customer Support Techs

appreciate the ability to save time and reduce their workload.

Fewer phone calls
Support techs are the first-line beneficiaries of end users’ newfound power to quickly find the information they need. Because more and more end users answer questions and solve problems on their own, support calls drop. Now support techs focus their time on more interesting, value-add requests.

Fast, convenient content access
Support techs gain valuable time by accessing needed information, rapidly and contextually, from one location.

Faster response
Help Desk tool integration also enables support techs to quickly embed links to online content and track when users read it.

Customizable content and feedback
Support techs create and share personal books for common issues with a few clicks. Inline editors encourage sharing those insights with product and content developers.

Content Developers and Managers

love the ability to completely change how technical documentation is developed and disseminated.

Faster, more efficient development
Throw out old ideas of technical manual development with its tedious, batch-driven static content generation. Fluid Topics frees information from the bounds of paper. When writers quickly build on, change or create technical content in chunks, they send them on to subject matter experts for review and validation in a continual smooth process.

Faster, more effective dissemination
No more “change pages”. Once the technical content is reviewed and validated, writers simply upload it for immediate widespread use.

Continuous quality improvement
Back-office tools let writers and managers analyze user search behavior to improve content and study keywords and filters to fine-tune synonyms and taxonomies to improve search capabilities. Writers also receive feedback directly from users who submit comments via the convenient inline editor.

Better management visibility
Analytics and user feedback help managers optimize the development effort by focusing their resources on areas of most value to users.

Elevate the role of content
By linking technical documentation with other product data sources, technical content returns to its rightful place as the center of user experience and customer support.

Showcase the value of technical content
The usefulness and access to actionable technical content becomes part of your company’s overall product marketing strategy, leveraging it as an integral part of the global service you deliver to customers and partners.

Marketing and Sales Decision Makers

love the revenue generation potential.

Targeted pre-sales support
Product managers enhance the pre-sales experience by ensuring that prospects find exactly the product information they need. Managers can then track search behavior data and integrate the information with CRM systems.

Higher customer satisfaction
Marketers know that happy, satisfied customers encourage customer retention, promote social and word-of-mouth referrals and influence future sales.

Brand enhancement
Marketing and sales managers leverage the benefits of limitless content access into their marketing and product strategies, promoting a powerful new global service delivered to customers and partners.

New revenue opportunities
Layered access helps create a better content strategy by making content part of the product. Your new business model leverages technical content as an integral part of the global service you deliver to customers, becoming a key part your overall marketing and product strategy.

Fluid Topics generates measurable benefits

Find out how much efficiency and productivity you will gain, and how much costs you will save.