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Generative AI for Customer Support: Meet Fluid Topics

May 22, 2024  |  Reading Time: 7 minutes

“Generative AI for Customer Support” is an ongoing series. It highlights the trends and potential use cases of Generative AI technology in improving customer service metrics. This is the third post in this series. Don’t miss the previous articles on customer support trends and GenAI use cases for customer success.

The evidence is clear: Generative AI (GenAI) is poised to upgrade the customer service industry for agents and users alike. By integrating GenAI into their existing stack, companies will benefit from freeing up agent time, increasing ticket deflections, reducing the time to resolution, and improving the customer experience.

However, despite the promises of this technology, challenges persist. According to KPMG’s latest survey of executives worldwide, the top barriers to adopting GenAI are the lack of skills, funds, and clear business cases. In parallel, companies struggle to get their algorithms to generate helpful content with 59% of IT leaders reporting their generative AI outputs are inaccurate. We’re clearing up the confusion by highlighting the tool to break down these barriers and ensure valuable results. Meet Fluid Topics, the AI-powered Content Delivery Platform (CDP).

Read on to discover what GenAI capabilities it offers for customer service operations and why they’re easy to implement and use. Finally, learn how Fluid Topics approaches interoperability and security concerns.

What is Fluid Topics?

Fluid Topics is a full-fledged AI-powered Content Delivery Platform. It ingests and unifies product information – from manuals to API docs to support articles – no matter the initial source and format. It then delivers the most relevant and personalized content to any digital channel, device, and application (e.g. Salesforce), in context with the users’ needs and environment.

Fluid Topics allows companies to build frictionless support experiences. It does this by offering rich self-service options to customers. In parallel, it gives support agents the knowledge tools they need to ensure swift resolution and user satisfaction.

As a SaaS solution, the Fluid Topic Platform is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools with out-of-the-box-connectors.

The Role of Fluid Topics’ Content Delivery Platforms in GenAI projects

Your product knowledge stands out as one of your most invaluable assets. However, a common daily challenge is the scattered nature of content, making it difficult for customer support teams — and AI algorithms — to access and utilize this information effectively.

This is where Fluid Topics comes in. Our software solution plays a key role in addressing this critical challenge within GenAI initiatives.

Knowledge Unification

Fluid Topics’ AI-powered platform aggregates content from multiple sources and unifies it into a central knowledge repository. Fluid Topics provides a single source of truth that gives AI algorithms the possibility to deliver accurate, relevant, and secured content experiences. This is possible regardless of your content sources – CMS, CCMS, LMS, Github, Sharepoint, helpdesk tools, Wikis – or writing formats – DITA, Markdown, YAML, PDF, HTML, Word.

AI-Powered Modern Search

Fluid Topics leveraged over two decades of research and development in AI and natural language processing (NLP) to develop its semantic search capabilities based on embeddings. Our platform incorporates Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) into its framework. RAG is a technique that enhances the response capabilities of a Large Language Model (LLM). It does this by retrieving and dynamically injecting fresh, trusted data from your own knowledge bases and enterprise systems into the LLM. While RAG enriches the language model’s output with up-to-date information, semantic search focuses on pinpointing the data that is most relevant to the context of the user and their credentials. Fluid Topics combines both functionalities to create the ultimate synergy resulting in unmatched accuracy in AI-driven responses.

These core capacities of Fluid Topics are essential for ensuring the success of GenAI projects.

Fluid Topics Core GenAI Services for Customer Support

Beyond these foundational content unification and search capabilities, our platform offers a range of GenAI functionalities. These applications empower organizations to elevate their customer support offerings to new heights.

Question Answering for Customer Self-Service

According to McKinsey, GenAI-enabled chatbots are 20% better at answering customer queries correctly and efficiently than the existing pre-programmed chatbots.

Fluid Topics’ Question Answering feature merges the power of RAG and LLMs with Fluid Topics’ unified knowledge hub and search capabilities. The application retrieves relevant information to produce accurate and personalized responses while upholding a content-agnostic, secure, and traceable system.

By implementing a conversational question-and-answer layer over your existing data, users can submit questions in natural language to a chatbot or search bar interface embedded with this capability and automatically receive their responses. On top of that, the question answering module gives citations to the source – such as a technical document – alongside the answers to back up the information it provides. This empowers customers to independently resolve issues on their own and to prevent unnecessary product questions from turning into cases.

Embrace the conversational search era with Fluid Topics. Every query prompts a dialogue so natural the user will think they’re talking to a human support agent. Think ChatGPT but tailored specifically to your business’s product knowledge.

Boost Agent Productivity with Your Augmented Support Agent

With 57% of support leaders predicting call volumes will increase by as much as 20% over the next year or two, innovative solutions are essential. A significant portion of these support tickets often consist of recurring questions. Thus, simple, repetitive tickets overwhelm customer service teams, draining valuable time. So, how does Fluid Topics fix this?

By integrating our Augmented Support Agent capability into a company’s CRM or Case Management System, Fluid Topics provides support teams with their very own smart assistant. This AI-agent assist technology has access to the organization’s centralized knowledge hub of product documentation. Therefore, when a ticket is raised, this digital assistant effortlessly crafts clear, relevant answers to customer questions.

Fluid Topics then allows agents to edit and refine responses to ensure customers receive accurate answers and to avoid AI hallucinations. Just as with the Question Answering application, our platform provides links to the content related to each generated answer for increased transparency, security, and documentation.

As a result, support teams automate responses securely and slash ticket handling time by 50%.


On-demand Translation for a Global Support Experience

Nowadays, prioritizing multilingual after-sales services is a must. 75% of B2B and B2C buyers prefer companies offering support services in their languages. Additionally, 60% of people with English proficiency still prefer customer service experiences in their native languages.

Thankfully, Fluid Topics uses a combination of LLMs and machine translation to provide’ on-demand translation that allows users to accurately translate content when they need, in the language they need with a simple click. After your content is written in its original language, it is published as-is to your Content Delivery Platform. The trick is to translate content on the fly, making it look like your content exists in, say, 23 languages when it was only written in one. Every aspect — from user search queries to search results pages and displayed content — undergoes real-time translation.

This application extends to all types of content: FAQs, knowledge content, chatbot replies, support emails. Provide worldwide access to documentation to promote seamless communication between companies and end users. As a result, customers have more positive experiences throughout the customer journey.

Behind the Features: Implementation, Onboarding, Security

Choosing tools with the GenAI features you need to improve case deflection, enhance service experiences, and boost agent productivity is important.

But what sets Fluid Topics apart isn’t just its AI capabilities—it’s also its seamless implementation, and built-in security measures.

Set Yourself up for Success with a Turnkey Solution

New tools must be easy to set up and customize without requiring heavy intervention. Products that fail this simple test are unlikely to be adopted. This is even more crucial for GenAI solutions which are known for being complex and time-consuming to implement at production level.

Purpose-built to help customers accelerate GenAI projects, Fluid Topics offers ready-to-use widgets to build AI applications customized to the customer’s own requirements. Businesses can test models, implement advanced RAG pipelines, and fine-tune models to optimize performance. As a result, developers no longer need to spend copious amounts of time building their own proof of concept just to access GenAI tools.

In parallel, Fluid Topics’ low-code-no-code UI designer lets you design your own documentation portal with a set of basic and custom components that leverage these GenAI capabilities.

Embed in Your CRM and Help Desk Solutions

While a tool may be useful, it won’t be adopted if teams are required to use endless different platforms for each task. The value of interoperability shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, 50% of IT leaders report that switching between multiple technologies impacts their help desk productivity.

That’s why Fluid Topics seamlessly integrates with your CRM, help desk systems, and enterprise applications. It allows your teams to leverage our GenAI capabilities directly within the platforms they know and love.

Fluid Topics allows you to push knowledge base content to multiple systems at the same time (e.g. Salesforce). This ensures both support agents and end users can access your product information on-demand from any touchpoint along the customer journey.

By eliminating the need to switch between multiple technologies, Fluid Topics helps you deliver personalized product answers right where your customers are. Therefore, it enhances the overall customer experience.

Built-in Security and Compliance

As GenAI becomes increasingly popular, so do discussions around how to ensure data security. Businesses are worried that GenAI solutions may lead to data leaks and erroneous customer answers. To optimize GenAI responses for product-specific queries, many companies use a RAG framework. The framework calls on the company’s internal content to enrich the LLM’s output with specific and accurate information. This is done by transforming the content into vectors or embeddings. Some companies need external resources to compute these embeddings. However, as a result, they risk allowing the LLM to share their confidential information externally.

Not Fluid Topics! Functioning as an AI gateway, our platform is secure-by-design and incorporates governance measures into our platform’s native infrastructure.

  • We integrate embeddings computation and a vector database into our content delivery platform. Therefore, content is processed 100% internally and never leaked to external sources.
  • We offer sophisticated content access rights management that is applied across the entire solution, from keyword search, to content access, to semantic search. Admins regulate which type of user profiles have access to which documents. This authorization restricts access to certain internal information.
  • Fluid Topics allows its customers to select the LLM of their choice to access natural language processing for the GenAI features.

Our platform prioritizes security and traceability, ensuring the protection of confidential information throughout the content delivery process. With these robust measures in place, businesses have control over content governance. Therefore, they can rest assured that their company data are secure.

All That’s Left is to Get Started

With KPI-enhancing features, strong security measures, and easy implementation, Fluid Topics is the obvious choice to improve your customer support experience. Put your technical documentation to work in every channel and in every part of your business and improve customer service. Demo Fluid Topics and see how our GenAI tools can benefit your support teams.

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