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Solutions to Lift Efficiency and Power Productivity for Field Services

Building Technologies companies maintain thousands of installations across vast territories. Delivering field services above and beyond SLA expectations while overcoming the challenges of a workforce shortage is tougher than ever. Your teams need mobile software solutions that empower them, lift their efficiency, and boost their productivity as they serve your clients wherever they are.

Fast technical enablement

Your technicians are getting older, they’re retiring in waves, turnover is high, and hiring job-ready replacements is hard. You need to move your new hires from classroom to client fast, and this means building expertise on the job. Overcome your workforce challenges and upskill your new hires on-site with access to relevant product information and up to date maintenance instructions when they need it.

SLA: no time to lose getting the right information

In Field Services, time is critical when a failure occurs. Your technicians can waste hours each day searching for product information, finding the right technical document, and scanning content for answers. You can lift their efficiency, power-up their productivity, and go beyond customer expectations for speed of service by choosing a software solution that helps make documentation search easier and faster.

True mobility for field workers

Field engineers need access to their content and documentation from their mobile device wherever they are, not just wherever they are with a cell signal. True mobility means they can access and read what they need under any circumstance, internet connection or not. Choosing a truly mobile solution with offline access to the information your field technicians need is essential for them and for your clients.


Fast onboarding and on-the job training

Fluid Topics helps new hires gain expertise on the job. Our NLP and AI technologies give Field Technicians access to relevant in-context technical information and procedures, to deliver the technical knowledge they need, when they need it.

Efficient service preparation

Fluid Topics automatically constructs lists of tools and parts your technicians need to complete a task. Our automated service preparation means your teams are more efficient and you avoid the unnecessary truck rolls caused by incomplete inventories.


Technical information found in seconds

Fluid Topics helps your teams find what they need whenever they need it. Our powerful and intuitive search engine uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver the technical content your technicians need in seconds, so they are always equipped to deliver for you.

Mobility, in any circumstance

Fluid Topics provides field workers with technical information in the format they need and on any device that they use. Where spotty cell service or security protocols mean disconnection, Fluid Topics ensures offline access to documentation and guarantees service delivery.


Increased security and procedure adhesion

Fluid Topics brings step-by-step simplicity to field safety and operations. Accessible and readable on any mobile device, technicians can consult and adhere to your procedures anywhere, improving safety and decreasing accidents. Track interactions to improve processes and reduce liability and risk.

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