Open a world of limitless content.

Empower employees, partners and end users to learn their way and share knowledge with others.

People aren’t just buying products anymore, they are buying a good user experience backed by responsive service. And, what better way to win and keep customers than by giving them the freedom to tailor their documentation and provide useful feedback.
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Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to collaborate with technical support and users to really improve your documentation?


Are you ready to move beyond one-way manual publication and interactively engage with users on content?


Why not leverage your vast amount of valuable technical content into an integral part of the global service you deliver?

create personal book from technical documentation with FluidTopics

Fluid Topic expands the possibilities of unlimited information access for everyone. Users find everything about their subject, using their context and create personal books (PBKs) from the vast well of information—that you now provide—with a few simple clicks.

And, they add to and change their PBKs to fit their needs, on the fly. How cool is that?

Powerful selfie tools


Create personal books, collecting multiple topics and pieces of content from multiple documents, preserving any original hierarchy.

Topics are linked, not duplicated, which preserves valuable storage space and enables automatic updating. Version references are still saved as needed to preserve historical sources.


Add notes, images and videos to any page in personal books, mixing original and new user-generated content.

modify your personal book online with fluid topics

Modify PBKs on the fly by reordering the topics with just a few clicks or save them as HTML or PDF files for offline reading or printing.

Immediate, valuable interaction


Users are more apt to write comments and feedback as they read because they don’t need to leave the online reader. So they help you improve content.


Welcome users with select messages, including new product releases, upgrades, events, training and more.


Just as in Web search, contextual messages or sponsored links are displayed in the search result lists, matching the keywords.

social media connection available into fluid topics

Web service APIs integrate Fluid Topics into your infrastructure and inline and online help.

Convenient, secure access

social media connection available into fluid topics

Internal authentication lets users sign up and immediately start using search and collaboration features.


Integrate access profiles with your corporate intranet directory or single sign-on (SSO) system.


Ready-to-use widgets integrate into your web portal to embed Fluid Topics document search, viewing and aggregation functionality.

Ready for more?

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