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Data Engineer

Permanent    Full time
Lyon, Lambesc, full remote

Our customers use Fluid Topics all over the globe, generating millions of daily requests to our SaaS servers. Antidot’s Fluid Topics Analytics team builds the software collecting and storing this data stream into stable storage where data mining jobs transform them into actionable information. The team also builds the Web Services backend and the web interfaces used to provide the results to our users.

This software is written in Java, Scala and AngularJS (and marginally in Python) with an important focus on software craftsmanship, UX/UI, accessibility, security, reliability and continuous delivery.

The team

  • Works hand in hand with a Product Owner to optimize the value of the deliverables, and with other teams and the CTO to ensure consistent and operable system design.
  • Designs and reviews quarterly OKRs, ensuring alignment with Engineering and Product Goals in order to maximize Business Value.
  • Follows the Agile/Kanban principles and ensures that knowledge is shared by all team members.
  • Packages and frequently updates the software for our SaaS customers in a Dev(Sec)Ops way using Kubernetes and Helm charts.
  • Runs alerting and monitoring systems and provides expert debugging assistance to other teams.

As a Software Engineer, You

  • Are an active contributor to the codebase. The Analytics team is a feature team, you will interact with code managing front-end, back-end and operations.
  • Work at different paces (fast for prototyping, slower for robust operations).
  • Actively contribute to product design/architecture.


  • Master of Engineering, Computing major
  • Soft Skills: discuss, collaborate, share, empathize, respect other points of view
  • Mindset: eager to learn, work in a team. Enthusiastic, proactive.
  • Good English level (international context)
  • Very good Java and/or Web skills.
  • Algorithms, data models

Development environment

  • Java, Web technologies (HTML, CSS, AngularJS, REST APIs)
  • Kafka, Cassandra, Spark
  • Kubernetes & containers, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Peer reviews and/or pair coding

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