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ConVEx 2022

From 02/05/2022 to 04/05/2022

The Tempe Mission Palms Hotel Tempe Arizona United States

Welcome to the Experience!

CIDM invites you to be a part of innovating the future as they bring you ConVEx Tempe an immersive experience for Content Developers: May 2-4, 2022

With the return of in-person conferences, CIDM will be incorporating some fantastic lessons that emerged in the last 2 years while making sure that the career-empowering knowledge, practices, networking, practical solutions, and great service will continue. 

This event offers you a wealth of ideas and information to support your efforts in defining and executing a comprehensive content strategy.

See you in May 2022, in person!


Robots Writing Doc: Automate ContentOps

For SaaS vendors, daily releases are becoming the norm. How can you produce documentation faster, and sync content delivery with each product release?

What can you learn by joining this session ? 

In this session, we will uncover the process of ContentOps and continuous content delivery. We will put theory into practice with a concrete example of how bots can play a role in automatic content generation and publishing.

With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

03/05/2022 - 3:20 pm PDT

Towards Social and Semantic Technical Documentation

Today’s Technical Documentation perfectly echoes Web 1.0 as one-way publishing of static textual content, written by humans to be read by humans. But considering the evolution of the Web over the last 20 years and its major shift from static to social and to semantic, what developments can we expect for technical documentation? 

What can you learn by joining this session ? 

We will uncover the principles that transformed the Web and led to Web 2.0 (the Social Web), and 3.0 (the Semantic Web), and will explain how the same concepts could be applied to tech doc. We will discuss how such evolutions could open new perspectives for both the production and consumption of tech content and develop practical examples. 



With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

04/05/2022 - 2:20 pm PDT

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