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From 21/09/2020 to 23/09/2020


CIDM and Antidot invite you to be a part of innovating the future as we announce ConVEx – a virtual experience for content developers: September 21-23, 2020. ConVEx will air live across global time zones to give everyone, regardless of location, an opportunity to participate in this new learning experience. ConVEx is not an online simulation of an in-person conference, but an immersive experience designed from the ground up.
ConVEx has something for everyone, including sessions on:
·        Collaboration
·        Content Strategy
·        DITA
·        Management & Metrics
·        Use Cases
·        User Focus Strategy
Find more information and register online at https://convex.infomanagementcenter.com/.


Next-gen UI for Tech Content

With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

Make your metadata great again

With Fabrice LACROIX, CEO

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