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Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Permanent    Full time
Lyon, Lambesc, full remote

Our customers use Fluid Topics all over the globe, generating millions of daily requests to our SaaS servers. Antidot’s SRE team optimizes the availability and the performance of Fluid Topics, ensuring a fast and reliable user experience.

The team provides the infrastructure required for Fluid Topics production, and for developers to work. The processing power originates from bare metal servers to Kubernetes clusters, from machines we buy, rack and manage to public clouds setups.

Being a Software Editor, we take special care to ensure the quality of our deliverables. This is especially true for everything related to our infrastructure, which we manage “as code,” with a suitable software process (tests, merge requests, CI/CD …). As a member of our SRE team, you will provide tooling and automate everything than can be automated, ensuring that “Run” tasks do not account for more than 50% of the working time of the team. You will design and operate high-availability systems and perform frequent “chaos engineering” tests to ensure systems are robust and recovery procedures are up to date. You will therefore not have on-call duties.

The SRE team also helps development teams to deliver value as quickly as possible. Our SREs work hand in hand with developers – we work hard to fight silos and walls. Developer Teams are in charge of their CI/CD, leveraging the expertise and deliverables of the SRE Team. You will communicate on a regular basis with these teams in order to create an “Ops” feedback loop in their software and refine the best practices.

The team follows the Agile/Kanban and Dev(Sec)Ops principles and ensures that knowledge is shared by team members.


  • Dev(Sec)Ops culture
  • Master of Engineering, Computing major
  • Good level of Linux systems administration
  • IP networks (VPN, Firewalls, Load Balancers, HTTP/TCP)
  • Programming experience (Go, Python, Java, C(++) …)
  • At ease with development workflows (git, branches, …)
  • Containers and especially Docker
  • Appetite for tests and security
  • Eager to document and explain
  • Good English level (international context)
  • Soft Skills: discuss, collaborate, share, empathize , respect other points of view
  • Mindset: eager to learn, work in a team, provide a continuous value flow for a rapidly evolving product. Enthusiastic, proactive.
  • Misc. bonus: AWS; Terraform; Kubernetes; Istio; parallel, phased & pilot rollouts; OWASP; Vaults

Technical Environment

  • Linux (Debian, Red Hat)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Ansible, FAI, Terraform
  • Docker, Kubernetes (on premise & cloud), Helm
  • Prometheus, Grafana, Loki
  • mongoDB
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Jenkins, Gitlab CI


  • Position based in Lyon, Lambesc or full remote
  • Please send your resume and cover letter to

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