DEFTEC, established in 2013, serves the US Government Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies.   DEFTEC services are focused around the coordination and integration of all technical communication processes, tools, functions, and sources within an organization to convey information and knowledge relevant to optimizing the users’ experience. DEFTEC specializes further on content usability and digital access.  DEFTEC’s management, which provides the core thought-leadership, have accumulated extensive experience serving the US Defense market.

DEFTEC’s alliance with Antidot is evidence of the company’s commitment to providing digitalized content search and publishing. The information and documentation that a company creates represents the value a company delivers, and Fluid Topics unparalleled access to this digital content unleashes the power of structured XML schemes such as S-1000D and DITA. Fluid Topics is truly state-of-the-art tool providing millisecond semantic keyword search results, through any volume of content domain.  The value-add to digital access DEFTEC is able to deliver to its clients through Fluid Topics is unprecedented.

Barbara J. Reeder

We are excited to partner with Antidot to develop Fluid Topics’ connectors to various MIL Spec XML and S1000D standards and bring the product to the US Defense market. This product enables our clients to access their information in ways unimaginable before.

Barbara J. Reeder CEO