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DTC-Enterprise (DTC-E) is an industry leader in integrated technical communications services and serves the global market through its presence in the US, Europe and Asia. DTC-E’s services are focused around the coordination and integration of all technical communication processes, tools, functions, and sources within an organization to convey information and knowledge relevant to optimizing the users’ experience. DTC-E specializes further on content usability and digital access. DTC-E offers consulting, technology solutions, project based and fully outsourced managed services.

DTC-E value proposition to its clients requires that the company stays abreast of and offers best practices for digitalized content search and publishing. The partnership with Antidot to be the implementation partner for the US market is evidence of DTC-E’s ability to support this commitment. Fluid Topics unparalleled access to this digital content unleashes the power of structured information, leaving static PDF publishing in the dust.

Tamas Rasch

Fluid Topics breaks the boundaries of traditional PDF publishing by fully digitalizing content sharing, search and access at the topic level from any source on any device. The power of millisecond fast access revolutionizes organizational efficiency across R&D, customer support and field maintenance internally and advances product experience for the customers. We are thrilled to be Antidot’s chosen partner.

Tamas Rasch, CEO

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