Documented Prescriptive Objects Partnership announced by Tellmeplus and Antidot

Embedded Artificial Intelligence Startup Tellmeplus and Antidot, developer of Fluid Topics Dynamic Content Delivery announce a partnership.

Hannover, April 28, 2016Tellmeplus, the expert in AI-based  predictive and prescriptive analysis and Antidot, developer of Fluid Topics that reinvents the way product and support knowledge is made accessible, today announced a partnership to provide real-time targeted documentation for prescriptive maintenance solutions for Industry 4.0.

With Predictive Objects(tm), Tellmeplus brings maintenance to the next level: prescriptive maintenance.

Through the partnership with Antidot, prescriptive maintenance is now augmented by adding highly targeted documentation in real time and specific to a single installation.

Through our close collaboration with Antidot we are able to integrate Fluid Topics into the tellmeplus artificial intelligence solution. On top of providing predictive information about a potential failure, we also push the necessary documentation to fix it”, said Jean-Michel Cambot, founder and chief strategist at tellmeplus. “In an augmented reality environment, it is critical to provide the exact documentation the repair team needs in a specific situation and moment. We are the first to provide a system that not only predicts a failure but also provides the documentation how to avoid it.

Dynamic delivery solutions that allow support teams to work on complex systems by having the right documentation in front of their eyes heavily rely on the availability of prescriptive solutions and relevant information.

No two machines are absolutely identical and when maintaining an airplane or a wind turbine based on prescriptive maintenance alerts, it is critical to have the exact contextual documentation that reflects either the type of the machine or the very specific unit,” explains Fabrice Lacroix, Antidot co-founder and CEO. “We are excited to work with tellmeplus and provide the exact  documentation needed in a specific situation, especially in augmented reality environments.

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About Tellmeplus

Founded by Jean-Michel Cambot, the original inventor of Business Objects, tellmeplus leverages 5 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to predictive analytics. Predictive Objects, the company’s patented technology, puts the intelligence where decisions need to be made: in the objects.

Since 2016, tellmeplus is backed by Runa Capital, Sferen Innovation, Soridec, Ventech and XAnge Private Equity. The company is headquartered in Montpellier, France.

For additional information please visit or follow @tellmeplus on Twitter.

About Fluid Topics and Antidot

Fluid Topics by Antidot is an enterprise software solution transforming customer support and product adoption. It elevates the value of technical content by delivering contextual and personalized knowledge at the time it matters, on any device. Changing the way technical documentation is processed and served to users boosts customer satisfaction and reveals their needs. Fluid Topics captures customer readings and behaviors to feed an analytics platform and develop predictive functions.

Antidot is a leading software vendor specialized in advanced semantic search technology and data enrichment.
More than 150 clients have chosen and run Antidot products at the heart of their business operations to amplify their performance.

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