Release notes

Fluid Topics Version 3.4

Version 3.4 is out! A major release that was mostly aimed at increasing content processing and solution management. 

My Library

Fluid Topics introduces a single location where users will find and manage their assets: bookmarks, personal books, alerts.  

All bookmarks are now directly accessible from My Library without the need to first open a book. Favorite topics are now only a click away!

Custom clustering

Regardless of their sources, of who has published them, multiple versions of the same documentation can now be clustered and displayed as a single search result to end-users. This brings better search relevance as it avoids showing duplicates.

This feature was existing, but it has been generalized and made more flexible: it is now fully managed via documents metadata and require NO further configuration in Fluid Topics.


Fluid Topics now ships with the latest DITA Open Toolkit versions. DITA 1.3 content is supported out-of-the-box!

Users and groups management

Fluid Topics v3.4 offers new user management abilities. Thanks to a comprehensive interface, admins are now able to control groups and roles of users, manually add or remove credentials on top of those provided by your directory, and also to learn about every user usage of the portal (number of PBKs, bookmarks, alerts).

New roles have been introduced to offer more fine-grained access to features and to management profiles (enhanced segregation of roles for admins).

New public web services

Fluid Topics integration opens new horizons thanks to new public web services.

Version 3.4 introduces new search abilities, facets support, autocomplete. As always, our main goal is to make these web services fast, efficient, and easy to use for developers so that you can leverage Fluid Topics as a central delivery layer for all your apps and processes.

Oxygen connector

A new plugin is available for Oxygen users. In a single click, this plugin allows to publish content from Oxygen to Fluid Topics.

Docbook support

A new Docbook connector is available and allows to publish Docbook content into Fluid Topics as structured publications. Users can therefore make the most of FT features like feedback, bookmarks and enrich their Personal Books using this content.

Antidot core technology

This new version has been upgraded to rely on the latest Antidot Technology Platform (v7.9), which brings major improvement in search performance and will allow the introduction of our breakthrough probabilistic search technology. Stay tuned…

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