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Get it right the first time, every time – increase uptime and avoid unnecessary truck rolls. Enable your field technicians with the information and digital tools they need to get the job done right, wherever they are.

Benefits for Your Business

Meet and Exceed SLAs

Your field service needs to be fast and accurate on the first attempt. That’s also how Fluid Topics delivers technical knowledge: relevant product answers, contextualized to the situation to speed up service delivery and guarantee service quality.

Embrace True Mobility

A PDF on a smartphone is not a mobile solution. True mobility means reliable product information that’s accessible and readable on a technician’s preferred device, internet connection or not. Empower autonomy for your field techs with Fluid Topics, no matter what.

Better Security, Closer Compliance

Be sure that your technicians have the appropriate information for every job and every product. Track compliance and adherence to your procedures and policies. Your teams will work smarter, safer, and by the book.

Onboard and Upskill Fast

Onboard your teams and service partners faster with Fluid Topics. Ensure personalized technical enablement and provide engineers with on-the-job instructions that are always up to date and adapted to their needs and profiles.

We don't want field technicians to waste time going through lots of systems and processes trying to figure out what documentation they need to service one of our many products. We want them to quickly search and find the relevant knowledge and deliver the solution to KLA’s customers. With Fluid Topics, we've been able to enable a secured, single portal for all technical documentation that is getting our technicians straight to the information they need.


of product types, variants, and customizations

Source: KLA Corporation

How We Change the Game

The Hub Where it Happens

All of your technical documentation is available to your field teams in a unified repository. Based on their rights and accreditations, your technicians can take everything they need from a single, reliable knowledge toolbox.

Superpowered Search

Deeply contextual AI-powered results mean you can be sure that the answers you get are not only right but also fit for purpose, matching the exact configuration of the machine or device requiring service.

Be Prepared

Automatically create the right tools and spare-parts list from service procedures and product documentation. Be fully prepared and avoid unnecessary truck rolls.

Offline, Not Out of Action

Maintain access to the technical information that your field teams need even when they are offline. Whether it’s hundreds of feet below ground level or in an elevator shaft, with Fluid Topics, being off the grid doesn’t have to mean being out of action.

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Any Device, Any OS

Your content is responsive and adapts to any screen at once

Dynamic Publishing

Instantly update your content everywhere

Personalized Tools

Set bookmarks and create personal books for more efficient interactions with technical content

Reader Application

Push everything else to the side and focus on reading only what you need

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Customer Service Transformation

Improve your service quality and delight your customers and support agents

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