The Technology behind Fluid Topics

Whether you choose to deploy it as a SaaS or as an on-premises application, Fluid Topics offers you a complete operating environment built on two proven core technologies developed by Antidot and used by customers for 10 years:


Antidot Finder Suite (AFS)
Our advanced semantic search engine indexes any type of data source, in any format, including metadata with automatic language identification, thanks to its extensive Unicode support.


Antidot Information Factory (AIF)
Our integrated development environment is dedicated to un-structured content enrichment. AIF uses state-of-the-art language processing and machine learning technologies to easily create data processing workflows.

gartner-cool-vendor-2015We are proud to announce that Gartner has recently highlighted Antidot as Cool Vendor 2015* for its innovative AIF solution. Antidot Information Factory is recognized as unique in its ability to address a variety of data types and to capture and enrich metadata.
Benefiting from this breakthrough innovation, Fluid Topics stands out and brings you the latest in Big Data and text-mining, preconfigured and ready to use on your technical content.

* Gartner defines a cool vendor as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are innovative, enabling users to do things they couldn’t do before, that have, or will have, business impact and that have caught Gartner’s interest.

Scalable, High Performance Design

We designed the Fluid Topics three-tier architecture for scalability, security and performance:

  1. The web server layer receives and filters HTTP/HTTPS traffic requests. To maintain security, each call is parsed, analyzed, filtered and mapped to prepared statements before being transmitted to the next tier.
  2. The application server layer contains the business logic powered by the embedded AFS semantic search engine.
  3. The storage layer, a NoSQL repository, houses dedicated embedded structures optimized for performance.

Singular Capabilities, Compound Benefits

Standards based.

Fluid Topics is an open solution designed for the enterprise environment, using recognized industry standards. RESTful Web services are used with XML or JSON protocols for queries and responses. Graphic widgets can be customized according to HTML and CSS standards to build your own interface. Web Service APIs let you integrate Fluid Topics into your IT infrastructure, online help or incorporate a powerful search function into any existing business application.


Fluid Topics connects with your security directory such as LDAP, OpenDirectory or single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate users and regulate access. It captures and integrates permissions defined in each indexed source to filter search results based on each user profile and specific authorizations.


Fluid Topics can create separate, isolated environments that serve definable user (tenant) groups from a single software instance to preserve storage space while protecting the application and data.


Massively multicore processors, in-memory computing and computing clusters ensure top performance. Fluid Topic can serve millions of queries on single server with totally linear reply times (under 150ms) and autocompletes (under 8ms), even during periods of high traffic.


With its modular design and distributed software agents, Fluid Topics can scale from a single small virtual machine to a large multi-server architecture. Each tier can be deployed on a separate server using multiple instances to ensure redundancy and high availability.