Elevating the value of content:
Fluid Topics changes the game

Fluid Topics unifies all forms of technical documentation and reinvents its usability and accessibility for users.

Technical content publishing

For technical writing and documentation teams, publishing information that is always up to date represents a key challenge. You need to consolidate technical content, regardless of its type, across multiple sources. You have to provide state-of-the-art accessibility to this content through dynamic content delivery with comprehensive search capabilities. Your users must have tools and ways to engage and interact with content: annotate, bookmark, share, etc.

Typical projects include:

  • Dynamic tech doc portal
  • Publishing for mobile devices
  • Multi-lingual documentation
  • Content tailored for individual reader

Customer support transformation

By providing access to your comprehensive body of technical knowledge from within your helpdesk tool and/or customer support portal, you will dramatically increase the effectiveness of customer support – through a combination of ticket deflection and increased support agents efficiency.

Typical projects include:

  • Documentation in Salesforce.com
  • Online documentation portal
  • Automated knowledge base consolidation

Field maintenance optimization

Whether online or offline, field technicians need access to product information and technical content that is contextual to the device or system they are servicing, and relevant to the specific tasks they have to perform. The delivery method must augment apps already in use, and the format of the content must match the devices engineers are carrying.

Typical projects include:

  • Publishing for mobile devices
  • Technical content in AR
  • Audio instructions
  • Hands-free operations

Single source of knowledge

In order to create a hub of rich semantic content that acts as a single source for feeding any existing app or process, you need to bring together content from always more diverse sources. You need to make it consistent through content alignment. You also need agility in the introduction of new delivery mechanisms.

Typical projects include:

  • Enterprise search
  • Inline help
  • Feeding content to chatbots
  • Publishing for mobile devices
  • Automated knowledge base consolidation