Customer support transformation

Increase effectiveness through technical knowledge

Fluid Topics - self-service support software - customer service software

More tickets, less time

Customer service needs to process more incidents with less resources.

Fluid Topics - customer service software - help desk software

Finding content

Content isn’t always where it should be, resulting in waste of time and accuracy.

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Parallel KBs

Agents recreate knowledge, by copying and pasting content that becomes stale quickly.

The terrible tale ofJane the support agent

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Boost customer satisfaction while reducing support costs

Information exists but is scattered in multiple systems, and it’s not where your users look for it. Make it accessible where it should be: inside your product, inside the customer support tools.

self-service support software - Fluid Topics - customer service software

Call deflection

Make users self-sufficient to avoid the creation of tickets.

help desk software - Fluid Topics - customer service software

Time to resolution

Increase the efficiency of support agents when handling tickets.

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Learn and improve

Learn which content users search and read, improve support actions.

Making users self-sufficient

To avoid the creation of support tickets, you need to:

Provide access to a repository of technical content that is comprehensive, easy to search and spot at a granular level no matter where users look for it.

Connect content to helpdesk system in order to offer solutions to users as soon as they describe symptoms.

Allow applications and devices to dynamically and contextually pull information, to provide help proactively and in-context.

Track when users disqualify or validate a suggestion, to reinforce the self-learning capabilities of the search and improve its accuracy.

Increasing efficiency of support agents

To accelerate the resolution of tickets by support agents, you need to:

  • Give them access to a repository of technical content that is comprehensive, easy to navigate and to search – including for example:

    • Official product documentation.
    • Knowledge bases, Wikis.
    • Prior support tickets and their resolution.
  • Integrate access to the unified knowledge repository inside the helpdesk system so that agents can search directly from their console.
  • Allow agents to attach answers to tickets, without having to copy/paste sections of documentation that may quickly become stale.
  • Automatically target content that matches the user’s context by applying product/configuration filters to the search.
  • Obtain insight about the user and which technical content they have already reviewed.
  • Create bespoke manuals by reusing and commenting content from the knowledge hub. Attach this highly tailored information to the answer.
  • Track if users read the proposed content.

Fluid Topics to the rescue

Create live connections to content

With Fluid Topics, no more need to generate static content, to painfully load it into multiple portals and tools. Create live connections between helpdesk tools and your content!

Unified and consistent knowledge repository

Fluid Topics aggregates all technical documentation and contents, in their native format. Fluid Topics cleanses, aligns and enriches all the content, and particularly the metadata of disparate content, making it consistent and structured for consumption.

A comprehensive, customized documentation portal

Fluid Topics enables you to design a search and navigation experience that is tailored to your brand environment, and to your specific target audience.
The organization, the look & feel and even the languages of the portal and content can be fully adjusted to align with your own corporate standards.

APIs for embeddability

Fluid Topics offers a complete set of open APIs and SDKs that make it easy to embed in other solutions, providing full access to technical content from any support or helpdesk system.

Ready to use with

Fluid Topics provides a plugin that makes it simple to natively connect your content to the Salesforce support portal, providing inline access to the complete Knowledge Hub from within Salesforce, both for support agents and end users.

Efficient and relevant search engine

If content cannot be found easily, it doesn’t exist! Fluid Topics relied on Antidot’s ultimate expertise in enterprise search and includes a search engine that is:
  • Semantic
    Supports grammar, synonyms and thesaurus
  • Full-text
    Every bit of each and every document is indexed
  • Tuned, tunable and versatile
    Ranking equation is extensible (user profile, document popularity, freshness, etc.)
  • Faceted
    Filters are automatically extracted from the metadata and can be proposed to users for narrowing down their search
  • Suggestive
    With type-ahead propositions (autocomplete)
  • Typo-tolerant
    The spell checker must learn alone
  • Explicit
    Each result shows why it’s in the list with keywords, flexions and synonyms highlighted
  • Multilingual
    Fluid Topics works the same for content in any language
  • Fast
    Regardless of the traffic

Similar contents

By adding a list of related content to each documentation section, Fluid Topics automatically creates bouncing opportunities between pieces of content, even when stemming from different sources.

Create and share customized documentation

Thanks to Fluid Topics Personal Books, support agents can create their own custom documentation, assembling only relevant content from various topics and sources, adding their own comments, even creating ad-hoc content. These tailored instructions, based on official documentation topics and augmented with customer-specific instructions, are then easily shared with customers – accelerating problem resolution but also making them feel like VIPs.

Track actual usage

Tracking user behavior while searching and reading is a unique opportunity to understand their degree of research on their problem, to know if they have read the content provided in response. Fluid Topics tracks and measures the use of every granular piece of content, puts it in context with the help of metadata, and provides insight that can also enhance your customer support strategy (personalization, predictive, etc.).


Security is at the core of Fluid Topics – it is not an added layer that can be bypassed. It is present everywhere, from search suggestions, to facets displayed, to results and documents access, enforced through each and every web service and interface. Fluid Topics integrates with enterprise SSO and enforces existing security policies.