Single Source of Knowledge

Support use, and ease product adoption, at every touchpoint of the customer journey

Does this sound familiar?

Customer success is attained by efficiently and consistently supporting users at every touchpoint they have with the company or product – from trial to presales, to installation and use, to technical support.

To enable this efficiency and consistency, you need to bring together content, and feed apps and processes supporting users with contextual information.

Diversity is growing and it’s not about to slow down

Fluid topics - knowledge software - technical documentation publishing

Diversity of product-related sources

  • Technical documentation
  • Wikis and knowledge bases
  • Support/helpdesk tickets
  • Community-produced content
  • Part catalogs, etc.
Fluid topics - technical documentation software - technical documentation publishing

Diversity of content

  • Type: textual, graphics and schematics, video, tutorials, etc.
  • Format
  • Language
  • Metadata
Fluid Topics - self-service support software - technical documentation software

Diversity of delivery channels

  • Documentation portals
  • Helpdesk and ticketing applications
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile and field devices
  • Device or application built-in assistance (inline help)
  • Enterprise search

The terrible tale ofJane the support agent

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Your team’s challenges

Combine information

Capture, unify and link sources for quality of content and user experience

Enable consistent and comprehensive access to all content regardless of its origin.

Establish a shared set of metadata and reference data (dimensions/facets).

Build links between content from diverse sources to provide easy navigation, drill-down and cross-referencing.

Unify access

Provide consistency of access methods, while preserving diversity of needs

Tap any content through a single set of APIs and content structure, regardless of sources.

Provide always up-to-date content while unloading backends, through different persistence options: copy, synchronize, etc.

Bring flexibility

Introduce agility in the source/channel mapping

Add new content sources without changing the metadata and reference data.

Add new consumption channels that connect immediately to all content.

Avoid (re)creating point-to-point mappings when a source or channel is added or modified.

Benefits of consistent access

Users don’t have to navigate through multiple applications and rerun the same search in each of these applications to find and aggregate the information they need.

Technical content can be used by multiple processes (support, maintenance, etc.) and boost efficiency of operations.

New projects easily leverage existing content with virtually no integration costs, bringing more agility to the enterprise.

Fluid Topics to the rescue

Fluid Topics aggregates and enriches any type of product-related content, and provides optimized delivery channels at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Unified knowledge repository

Fluid Topics aggregates all technical documentation and contents from publishing systems, knowledge bases, forums and community content, and more – in their native format.
When needed, links are provided to original content repositories to preserve a seamless customer experience.

Consistent and efficient consumption

Fluid Topics cleanses, aligns and enriches all the content, and particularly the metadata of disparate content, making it consistent and structured for consumption – including multimedia content (images, vector graphics, videos).

Linking disconnected contents

By adding a list of related content to each documentation section, Fluid Topics automatically creates bouncing opportunities between pieces of content, even when stemming from different sources.

Efficient and relevant search engine

If content cannot be found easily, it doesn’t exist! Fluid Topics relied on Antidot’s ultimate expertise in enterprise search and includes a search engine that is:
  • Semantic
    Supports grammar, synonyms and thesaurus
  • Full-text
    Every bit of each and every document is indexed
  • Tuned, tunable and versatile
    Ranking equation is extensible (user profile, document popularity, freshness, etc.)
  • Faceted
    Filters are automatically extracted from the metadata and can be proposed to users for narrowing down their search
  • Suggestive
    With type-ahead propositions (autocomplete)
  • Typo-tolerant
    The spell checker must learn alone
  • Explicit
    Each result shows why it’s in the list with keywords, flexions and synonyms highlighted
  • Multilingual
    Fluid Topics works the same for content in any language
  • Fast
    Regardless of the traffic

A comprehensive, customized customer portal

Fluid Topics provides streaming of content and intuitive navigation across topics, with an experience that is tailored to your brand environment and to your specific target audience.
The organization, the look & feel and even the languages of the portal and content can be fully adjusted to align with your own corporate standards.

APIs for embeddability

Fluid Topics offers a complete set of open APIs, SDKs and widgets that make it easy to embed in other solutions, providing full access to content from any customer portal or community platform.

Tracking actual usage

Tracking user behavior while searching and reading is a unique opportunity to understand a customer’s degree of research. Fluid Topics tracks and measures the use of every granular piece of content, puts it in context with the help of metadata, and provides insight that can also enhance your product or customer success strategy (personalization, predictive, etc.).


Security is at the core of Fluid Topics – it is not an added layer that can be bypassed. It is present everywhere, from search suggestions, to facets displayed, to results and documents access, enforced through each and every web service and interface. Fluid Topics integrates with enterprise SSO and applies existing security policies.


Regulations are putting more and more pressure on every industry. Fluid Topics handles these stringent demands for you. From European GDPR to US Privacy Shield to WCAG for accessibility, compliance is built at the core of the solution.

Global platform

Through a multi-lingual portal, Fluid Topics indexes and delivers content in any source language. The solution can be distributed across data centers/regions for faster response times and/or in response to local data hosting requirements.