Technical content publishing

Step into the era of dynamic content delivery

Fluid topics - technical documentation software - self-service support software

Deliver contextual information

Break free from static HTML and PDF that offer weak accessibility

software documentation tools - Fluid Topics - self-service support software

Just-in-time publishing

Release content as soon as it’s validated, in-sync with product releases

Fluid topics - dynamic delivery - technical documentation software

Modern authoring

Transition to structured authoring techniques without disrupting users

The terrible tale ofAlice the tech writer

Read the story

Provide dynamic access to all technical content

In an environment with always more pressure on publishing, integrate content of growing complexity.

Fluid topics - technical documentation publishing - knowledge software

Volume and complexity of content

Incorporate more sources and formats, support more variations of systems

Fluid topics - technical documentation software - technical documentation publishing

Legacy documents

Combine legacy content along with new content in the same documentation

Fluid topics - documentation publishing - knowledge software

Multi-language requirements

Support up to 25 languages without losing consistency and findability

Deliver tailored content

Content becomes truly useful when it’s customized for the reader and suited to the channel used for delivery.


with product


to the task to achieve


on any device


for the reader’s profile

  • Deploy a documentation portal quickly
  • Feed a modern search that takes into account the profile, preferences and habits of the user
  • Engage users with interaction capabilities: content annotation, reuse, bookmarking, alerts, etc.
  • Automate the content production chain (Programmable Publishing) and make new content available immediately
  • Guarantee a secure delivery experience (permissions and rights, user entitlement, layered access, gated content, etc.)
  • Comply with accessibility requirements (WCAG) and data privacy regulations (GDPR, Privacy Shield)
  • Make content available to applications, processes and “machine” consumers via APIs
  • Analyze content consumption to optimize production
Power today’s environments

HTML portal • Phone/tablet • In-device/in-app help

And be ready for tomorrow

Voice interface • Chatbots • AR/VR headsets

Fluid Topics to the rescue

The most advanced dynamic delivery platform

Multi-source, multi-format

Fluid Topics deals with the most popular documentation and content formats and publishing systems: DITA, Docbook, Author-it, Framemaker, Markdown, legacy PDF – as well as knowledge bases, forums and community content, Swagger/RAML API documentation, Code Samples, Javadoc, wiki, and more. Content does not need to be pre-transformed, Fluid Topics connects to it in its native format.

Content enrichment

In order to deliver consistent information in a multi-source environment, Fluid Topics cleanses, aligns and enriches the content and particularly the metadata of disparate content.

Efficient and relevant search engine

If content cannot be found easily, it doesn’t exist! Fluid Topics relied on Antidot’s ultimate expertise in enterprise search and includes a search engine that is:
  • Semantic
    Supports grammar, synonyms and thesaurus
  • Full-text
    Every bit of each and every document is indexed
  • Tuned, tunable and versatile
    Ranking equation is extensible (user profile, document popularity, freshness, etc.)
  • Faceted
    Filters are automatically extracted from the metadata and can be proposed to users for narrowing down their search
  • Suggestive
    With type-ahead propositions (autocomplete)
  • Typo-tolerant
    The spell checker must learn alone
  • Explicit
    Each result shows why it’s in the list with keywords, flexions and synonyms highlighted
  • Multilingual
    Fluid Topics works the same for content in any language
  • Fast
    Regardless of the traffic

Efficient reader app

Fluid Topics makes it easy to read content in streaming mode, to navigate inside documents, to follow links inside and between content pieces, etc. The reader also seamlessly renders multimedia content (images, vector graphics, videos).

Interacting with content

Fluid Topics provides a broad scope of capabilities that allow users to interact with content and to make a better use of it: Bookmarks, Alerts, Rating, Annotations, Feedback, Personal Books, etc.

Tracking and measuring

Tracking user behavior while searching and reading is a unique opportunity to learn about them, their problems and how they use your products. Fluid Topics tracks and measures the use of every granular piece of content, puts it in context with the help of metadata, and provides insight that enhances your customer support strategy (personalization, predictive, etc.).

Look & feel customization

Adjusting the organization and look & feel of the portal and content to align with your own corporate standards is really simple.

Open and embeddable

Fluid Topics offers a complete set of open APIs and SDKs that make it easy to embed in other solutions, providing full access to technical content in a myriad of contexts.


Security is at the core of Fluid Topics – it is not an added layer that can be bypassed. It is present everywhere, from search suggestions, to facets displayed, to results and documents access, enforced through each and every web service and interface. Fluid Topics integrates with enterprise SSO and enforces existing security policies.


Regulations are putting more and more pressure on every industry. Fluid Topics handles these stringent demands for you. From European GDPR to US Privacy Shield to WCAG for accessibility, compliance is built at the core of the solution.