Intuillion is the maker of DITAToo DITA CMS, a platform for automating, personalizing, translating, and delivering product content.

DITAToo provides a connector to Fluid Topics that enables content authors to publish content from DITAToo directly to a Fluid Topics portal. Our customers use the integration between DITAToo and Fluid Topics to build self-service customer centers that let them reduce the amount of service requests by at least 30%!

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The tight integration between DITAToo and Fluid Topics allows us to provide customers with complete end-to-end content solutions. While DITAToo focuses on increasing the efficiency of the content process for the company, Fluid Topics offers content consumers a user experience that fundamentally changes the way they interact with the content. This combination lets our customers both create and deliver personalized, high quality content in scale without costs going over roof.

About Intuillion

Companies in various industries, including aerospace, finance, manufacturing, machinery, and telecom, are using DITAToo to improve efficiency of content processes and to reduce customer service costs. DITAToo doesn’t require big budgets and weeks to be deployed. Thanks to its modularity, you can start with a simple implementation and then add more functionality as your team and business grow.