Fluid Topics FAQ

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  • General Information

Fluid Topics is a full-fledged AI-powered Content Delivery Platform (CDP) that ingests and unifies product information – from manuals to API docs to support articles – no matter the initial source and format. Our solution then delivers the most relevant and personalized content to any digital channel, device, and application, in context with the users’ needs and environment.

As a SaaS solution, the Fluid Topic Platform is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools to enable dynamic publishing without disrupting the company’s writing process.

A Content Delivery Platform is a software solution that collects all types of content sources – CMS, CCMS, Github, Sharepoint, helpdesk tools, Wikis, – and format – DITA, Markdown, YAML, PDF, HTML, Word, – unifies them into a central knowledge hub, and makes content available to multiple endpoints via Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs.

CDPs are agnostic of authoring tools and offer different ranges of standard and custom connectors, from the most popular CCMSes and document processors to very specific in-house writing systems.

Advanced CDPs handle both structured and unstructured content.

Beyond omnichannel content publishing, CDPs enable Content-as-a-Service: they allow companies to provide a contextualized, personalized content experience to users on the device and at the touchpoint of their choice.

The Fluid Topics SaaS platform proves suitable for any organization across various industries (i.e, software, manufacturing, high-tech, financial services, healthcare…). However, it is particularly useful for businesses that:

Manage large and complex knowledge bases: A content delivery platform creates a centralized repository for all knowledge assets that are otherwise stored over multiple systems, preventing many users from easily accessing it.

Have many different publishing formats: Your organization should allow your tech doc team as well as your marketing team to write content in their preferred tools. A CDP supports multiple formats and provides the same content experience across the board whatever the sources.

Need to update content frequently in multiple places: The accelerating velocity of product launches and the frequency of product updates are two factors impacting the productivity of information development teams and creating new challenges. Through continuous content delivery, a CDP can ensure your content is always up-to-date, across all your channels.

Are looking to implement more personalized and contextualized content: Businesses and end customers expect contextually relevant, personalized, consistent content experiences. A CDP can deliver knowledge to each user according to their profiles, preferences, but also to their behavior.

Are in highly regulated industries: In industries such as financial services, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and legal, delivering non-compliant content can come with a hefty price tag. A CDP is built for managing content governance and ensuring that your documentation is accurate and compliant.

To get a demo of the Fluid Topics platform by a product expert, discuss use cases for your industry, and get project information, contact us right here.

You can find a non-exhaustive list of our customers and case studies here.

Contact our sales team to get insights and answers from a Fluid Topics expert.

The Fluid Topics Learning Center offers a series of training sessions to help every user, regardless of background, learn to navigate and take advantage of Fluid Topics’ diverse features. Learn more about the available training courses.

For specific questions not answered by the training sessions, clients have access to a support team, documentation portal, and help desk. Learn more about the types of support offered.

You can also visit our blog for educational resources.

The SaaS platform is updated at least once a week without any downtime, therefore, you always benefit from the latest version of Fluid Topics, including fixes, performance enhancements and new features. When new features are added to the platform, you can control whether you want to activate the feature toggle.

  • Product Overview

Here are some of the mains features and functionalities:

Turnkey portal: Fluid Topics provides a turnkey portal that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Content ingestion and unification: Ingest all your product knowledge with out-of-the-box connectors for all your content sources and tools such as your CCMS.

GenAI capabilities: Benefit from the most recent GenAI capabilities to help your tech doc team as well as your support agent and field service engineers.

Page Designer: Design your own documentation portal with drag-and-drop components.

Relevant, personalized and contextual search: Benefit from our proprietary search engine and get relevant search results in a flash, with advanced features like faceted search, keyword highlighting, synonyms, misspellings, search result clustering, and more, making it faster and easier for all users to surface answers and information.

Interactive Capabilities: Bookmarking, adding comments and notes, delivering feedback, and building personal books are just some of the interactive functionalities that our platform offers.

Native Mobile Experience: We support any device – a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or AR/VR goggles – and render text, graphics, 2D and 3D models, and multimedia content consistently and seamlessly.

Offline Mode: Mobile and offline accessibility to your content with a sync capacity for when connectivity is reestablished is crucial to serve your customers.

Languages: We ensure full support for your global operations with the same speed, relevance, and cutting-edge Natural Language Processing capabilities for all your languages.

Dedicated Content Analytics: We provide rich and valuable insights into how your technical documentation and product content is performing. We capture every user interaction with high levels of detail and deep context to drive your content activity with meaningful information and offer better customer service.

Read more information about each of these features here (https://www.fluidtopics.com/features/)

Fluid Topics offers ready-to-use GenAI modules to accelerate the deployment of your AI projects: question answering, augmented support agent, content summary, on-the-fly translation, tools and parts extraction, code assistant and more.

Yes, Fluid Topics removes the burden of having to write your content in a specific format to fit the different channels. Our solution collects and unifies all types of documentation, no matter the initial source and format. From DITA, Docbook and other XML-based formats, to HTML, Markdown and YAML, our set of processing pipelines ingest your content in its native format. Our solution then transforms all your information into granular, unified, digital-ready content and publishes it simultaneously to all these channels. No lengthy formatting required.

Yes, Fluid Topics ensures full support for global operations with consistent speed, relevance, and cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities across languages.

For content, Fluid Topics applies advanced NLP to 23 languages, including Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese, providing enhanced relevance through stemming, decompounding, and more.

The UI comes by default in 10 default languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional. Clients can effortlessly add additional UI languages via the Admin UI, where they can also customize all label values for provided languages.

Fluid Topics Analytics are designed from the ground up to optimize authoring and improve the user experience. Our software captures every user interaction with high levels of detail and deep context. The data is then processed and made accessible through dashboards.

Each analytics dashboard displays metrics which you can track and use in your content analysis and reporting.

You’ll see every keyword search and every selected facet. You’ll also see what content was viewed and for how long. Finally you’ll know when content is accessed, what led a user to it, and much more.

Admin users will have access to several types of information:
Traceability: Understand each user action, including document access, select a search result, send feedback…
Consumption metrics: Review most and least read content, drill down per metadata, view document heatmaps (most/least read parts) and more
Search insights: Examine search terms, zero-result searches, and facets used
User history: Discover what a specific user has searched and read and for how long
Interactions: Bookmarks, ratings, feedback, and shares

All analytics are also accessible through APIs and can be integrated with an external system.

We’ve got a full webinar dedicated to Content Analytics! Make sure to check it out.

Yes, Fluid Topics can deliver your documentation to each user according to their profiles, preferences, but also to their behavior from which our AI-powered search engine constantly learns from.

Yes, Fluid Topics provides a range of features that allow users to interact with content in various ways:

Bookmarks: Save shortcuts to key content

Personal Books: Mix and save pieces of content to create bespoke manuals in a few clicks

Feedback: Send feedback to the writing team

Rating: Allow users to rate documents, pages, and/or topics

Clients control and activate these features from the Admin UI.

Fluid Topics is a fully responsive web app that can display content on any device (laptop/tablet/mobile) using native browser capabilities. Our solution serves multimedia content such as images, audio, video, 2D or 3D vector graphics as easily as text.

Yes, the Fluid Topics Page Designer enables you and your team to easily build and customize your documentation portal with a variety of “drag and drop” components through our WYSIWYG editor. You can create different home pages and landing pages, personalize layouts, branding and other design elements in full autonomy. You have control over the settings you need to make customizations and won’t need to ‘open a ticket’ to get things done.

We also provide templates to get you started.

Yes, Fluid Topics Fluid Topics is designed to work with DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) content, among other formats.

  • Integration

Yes, Fluid Topics seamlessly integrates with CMS and enterprise applications, offering ready-to-use integrations for all your content sources and tools, including CCMS and GitHub repositories.

Fluid Topics offers ready-to-use and dedicated connectors with all these CCMS. These connectors are either developed and supported by the vendors or by us.

Yes, Fluid Topics offers APIs for custom integrations with external, third-party apps, providing tailored solutions and enhanced workflows for specific business needs.

Fluid Topics has multiple connectors able to ingest Knowledge Base content from multiple systems (Salesforce, …).

  • Security

Find information about Fluid Topics’ security measures here.

Yes, the platform is GDPR compliant, prioritizing data protection and privacy and ensuring that user data is handled in accordance with the regulation. You can check our Privacy Policy for more information.

Yes, Fluid Topics is ISO 27001 certified to meet the highest standards for security and data protection. This certification guarantees that all data is rigorously protected, risks are assessed and eliminated, or software and infrastructure are robust and secure, and more. For further details, read about this certification here.

All communication to and from the Fluid Topics service is encrypted with AES-256 encryption and TLS 1.3 (or 1.2 if access from older devices is required). For additional information, read our security and trust information here.