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Unified Knowledge Platform AI

One Unified Knowledge Platform

GenAI is only as good as the content it is fueled by. But your knowledge assets are often scattered across multiple systems, formats, and repositories, making it difficult for AI algorithms to access and utilize this information effectively. This is where Fluid Topics’ Content Delivery Platform comes in.

Our solution consolidates your organization’s product knowledge from any source and in any format and unifies it into a central knowledge hub.

Regardless of your content sources – CMS, CCMS, LMS, Github, Sharepoint, helpdesk tools, Wikis – and writing formats – DITA, Markdown, YAML, PDF, HTML, Word – get a single source of truth that gives AI algorithms the possibility to deliver accurate, relevant, and secured content experiences.

The Fluid Topics AI Gateway

Developers tasked with building AI apps invest substantial time and resources in creating secure, traceable, and compliant solutions for every stakeholder, while constantly adapting to changing requirements and technologies.

The Fluid Topics AI Gateway acts as a bridge and orchestration layer. It provides flexibility to effortlessly choose and transition between one or more Large Language Models (LLMs) such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Claude or Gemini, guaranteeing the rapid deployment of your GenAI initiatives.

With Fluid Topics, equip your entire organization with out-of-the-box core services for powering Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) scenarios and benefit from an API-first architecture to enrich your applications.

Fluid Topics AI Gateway
AI Governance and Security

AI Governance and Security

Companies are wrestling with data concerns and the uncertainty created by AI data privacy, security, and sovereignty.

Fluid Topics seamlessly integrates governance measures into its platform’s native infrastructure. It includes a sophisticated access control framework that regulates content usage, incorporating granular controls tied to user profiles. Traceability is established by tracking all interactions, enabling comprehensive review processes for accountability and compliance purposes.

Our platform’s tooling empowers subject matter experts to evaluate and improve model performance on domain-specific tasks while reducing hallucinations, and increasing accuracy.

Endless AI-Driven Possibilities
in a Few Clicks

You don’t want to spend months building in-house POCs or demos and then not getting any value from your data.

With Fluid Topics, leverage ready-to-use GenAI widgets to build your AI applications customized to your own requirements. Test models, implement advanced RAG pipelines, and fine-tune models to optimize performance. Typical examples of AI-powered interactions are: automated question answering, augmented support agents, summarization, code assistance and more.

Accelerate your time to production and scale your Generative AI use cases across your organization.

Prompt Management
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Fluid Topics Core GenAI Capabilities

question answering

AI-Powered Search

Fluid Topics offers powerful search and discovery capabilities that leverage both keyword and semantic search – including the local computation of the embeddings –  to power your RAG and chatbot scenarios.

Our proprietary AI-driven search technology provides superior relevance out of the box and supercharges it with unique customization and personalization capabilities. It prioritizes results based on relevance, context, and user behavior, enabling faster and more efficient access to knowledge.

Large Language Models Integration

Fluid Topics provides an LLM gateway for your projects. With pre-built connectors to a variety of fine-tuned or generic LLMs such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Claude or Gemini, get the flexibility you need to deploy the model of your choice. Effectively handle incoming and outgoing data streams to ensure smooth communication and data exchange.

Prompt Management

Want to customize the behavior of a large language model for your unique use case? Create and manage prompt templates and select your LLM provider and the model that best fits the prompt. By combining internal semantic search and external LLMs activated by prompt templates, Fluid Topics makes it easy to create RAG-powered features.

Content Tagging

Fluid Topics’ technology classifies content by its metadata for effective data governance. This enables organizations to structure their content effectively, making it easier for AI algorithms to retrieve and utilize only relevant and applicable information, and minimize compliance risk.

Unlimited UI Design

Fluid Topics’ low-code-no-code UI designer offers a set of custom components that leverage these GenAI capabilities and lets you enrich the user experience with AI-powered interactions.

Fluid Topics Turnkey AI Applications

Add ready-to-use AI-powered interactions to your apps and content

Question Answering

Get your content to safely answer most of your customers’ queries. Enable self-service and boost case deflection.

Augmented-support agent

Automate responses securely for your customer cases and cut ticket handling time by 50%.


Quickly sum up the key points of a guide or article without the pain of scrolling through lengthy pages.

Extract tools and parts

Generate a comprehensive list of required materials for an installation or repair procedure.


Translate a topic on-demand in the language of your choice and ensure seamless comprehension for every reader.

Code Assistant

Make sure your users understand your code examples at once by automatically generating explanations and comments on code snippets, or converting them in other programming languages.

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Why Fluid Topics for Your AI Projects?


  • Designed and tested to provide highly relevant answers

  • Documentation linked for every response


  • No data shared with any third-party

  • User access restricted to authorized information only

  • ISO27001 Certified

Extensive knowledge base

  • Puts all your content sources at work

  • Includes technical documentation, knowledge bases, product content and catalogs, learning materials, and more

Fresh information

  • Continuous feed of vetted content from the original sources

  • Automated update process


  • Designed for scalability

  • Tested to meet enterprise-level standards

  • Built for seamless integration with your enterprise ecosystem


  • Benefit from 20 year of R&D in NLP and AI

  • Robust GenAI implementation at a fraction of the cost of an in-house project

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