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4 Customer Service & Support Trends to Follow in 2023
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The top trends for anyone looking to understand customer service & support in the year ahead. Stay on top of these trends!

40+ Statistics

40+ Statistics to Build Your Fluid Topics Business Case

Check out these 40+ technical documentation statistics and facts to support your business case for a new Content Delivery Platform.

Service Technicians

How Tech Doc Fails Service Technicians: A Webinar Recap

Discover the top pain points service technicians face in their daily work with product documentation in this webinar recap.


Preventing Work Accidents Through Technical Documentation Adoption

Field Technicians Mobility

Truly Mobile Field Technicians

Learn how to increase your technicians efficiency in the field, reduce truck rolls and improve first-time fix rates with mobile technical documentation

User Safety

Improving User Safety with Tech Doc

Technical Content: Take your Doc Out

Technical Content for Field Services: Take Your Doc Out!

Learn how to your technical documentation can keep up with field workers and support them wherever they are.

Field Technicians: Bridge the Gap

Field Technicians: How to Bridge the Skills Gap

Learn more about how to bridge the skills gap for your field workers and bring innovation to the enablement of your technicians

Technician Enablement

Technical Documentation: The Silver Bullet for Technician Enablement

Learn how to turn your technical documentation into the perfect upskilling material for technicians.

The 2020 Review

The 2020 Review: Content Delivery, Business Continuity, and the Opportunities Ahead

Learn how how Content Delivery Platforms have powered business continuity over the last months, and how they will continue to improve operational efficiency in the post-COVID world.


Insights (and controversy) from Fluid Topics’ CEO on Content Delivery