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Reinventing Content Delivery with Generative AI Today

12/06/20246:00 pm - 7:30 pm CEST

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Much has been said about AI writing content, but what about reading it? What unique benefits does Generative AI provide for users to utilize and leverage your content? Actually, some of the most profitable GenAI use cases are related to the transformation of content delivery.

In this webinar, we will explore successful initiatives in GenAI-augmented Content Delivery, from search to reading experience, and personalized and automated question answering. We will showcase some examples of AI implementations in Fluid Topics’ content delivery platform, transforming product content and enterprise knowledge into exceptional user experiences.

Join Fabrice Lacroix, CEO of Fluid Topics, for an insightful session rooted in two decades of research and development in Large Language Models (LLM) and AI, along with recent AI projects within the industry.

June 12th, 2024. 9am PT, 12pm EST, 6pm CEST

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