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Turn your users into knowledgeable, enthusiastic supporters with Dynamic Content Delivery. Delight them with personalized content that takes them to the next level. Improve service quality and reduce your support queues without doubling your staff.

Benefits for Your Business

Provide Real Answers

Give customers personalized answers that fit their product and situation. Leave the 1,000-page PDF manual behind to deliver relevant and actionable responses and achieve faster
resolution times.

Be Anywhere You Need to Be

Empower your users to find solutions in a snap with web portals and chatbots instead of quizzing your support team. Anytime, anywhere, anything that they want to know is available on demand.

Accelerate Ramp-Up

Onboard your support agents faster by dynamically delivering content that helps them build expertise on-the-job. Achieve continuous enablement by serving content that always keeps up with the product.

Hear What Was Never Said

Identify your customers’ needs before they even call your agents. Understand their journey, analyze how they engage with content, and exceed their expectations by delivering the ultimate, data-driven support service.

Our objective was to change the service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service.” We achieved our goal with Fluid Topics, which allowed us to ensure 24-hour availability of our service knowledge center and greatly reduce support calls and tickets.


support tickets after launching the Documentation Portal

Source: SwissQprint AG

How We Change the Game

One Repository to Rule Them All

Provide your users with a single, unified repository for all of your content. Technical documentation, knowledge bases, past support tickets and more are all available at a glance based on user needs, rights and profiles.

Infinite Integration

Serve unified knowledge anywhere, including in existing helpdesk tools and community portals such as Salesforce. Put your technical documentation to work in every channel and in every part of your business.

Up and Running in Seconds

Create a self-service portal that grants access to all content that matters. Deploy and configure a turnkey solution in record time. Make it your own with custom branding, integrate it with your backend and enforce your security rules.

Powerful Content Analytics

Track and analyze each user interaction to better prepare your agents for the most complex questions. Identify what users have searched for and read in order to guide them to an optimal solution.

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Advanced Search Tools

Find answers in a flash for your product and version

Built-In Interactions

Gather feedback from your users to guarantee continuous improvement

Food for Bots

Feed your content to the chatbots and modern channels your customers prefer

In-Product Help

Provide self-service product support that’s always up to date

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