About Us

We believe that the technical documentation every company owns is a major reserve of business opportunity. From user enablement and product adoption to customer success, product content has the power to achieve the most critical company goals.

Yet too much of this content gets trapped in systems and formats and never reaches its target. That’s the problem we’re solving.

What We Do

We help companies unlock the value of their documentation.

Our AI-powered Content Delivery Platform captures all technical documentation and transforms it into a smart knowledge hub to deliver actionable information that is tailored to the user, adapted to the situation, and suited to the channel.

In record time, it helps create personalized content experiences that effectively engage users and streamline business operations.

Who We Are

We are Antidot, an established leader in data enrichment and semantic search engine technology. Since Antidot was founded in 1999, we have developed robust, innovative products such as Fluid Topics, Antidot Finder Suite (AFS) and Antidot Information Factory (AIF), used by hundreds of customers around the world.

About Fabrice Lacroix

Fabrice Lacroix is a known Web pioneer and a serial entrepreneur. Convinced that business growth was more in data than infrastructure, Fabrice founded Antidot in 1999 and launched Fluid Topics in 2012. Headquartered in Lyon, France, he established the company’s first US office in San Francisco in 2013.

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