Who we are

Our mission

We want to enlighten and elevate the product experience by allowing end users to use products in the most effective way and by helping companies truly understand customer needs. We make technologies from semantic search to machine learning and predictive analytics accessible, turnkey and affordable for any company.

Fluid Topics was born out of frustration with the existing documentation access. There had to be a better way to gather and integrate sources of disparate information.
So we designed it.

We believe

  • Digital information can be personal, contextual and proactive.
  • Technical documentation can be made accessible, highly useful and a valuable corporate asset.
  • Fast and easy access to the right information at the right time can enhance the reputation of a company’s brand, the effectiveness and morale of employees and the loyalty of customers.

What’s behind our name

Fluid Topics is a perfect name for our dynamic publishing product. “Fluid” conjures images of effortless motion, smooth easy flow, and graceful simplicity in movement or execution. “Topics” evokes conversation, communication, learning, thinking, reasoning, education, and ideas.

Together, Fluid Topics conveys a smooth action or movement of reaching for and shaping information, quickly and effortlessly without limit or barriers. That is what we do.

Who we are

We are Antidot, an established leader in data enrichment and semantic search engine technology. Since Fabrice Lacroix, Stéphane Loesel and Jérôme Mainka founded the company in 1999, we have developed robust, innovative products such as and Antidot Finder Suite (AFS) and Antidot Information Factory (AIF) used by hundreds of clients; 90% of them on our SaaS platform.

Our genesis

One day we asked our customers and partners for feedback on our newly redesigned product documentation. It was really less about asking than giving them an opportunity to tell us how impressed they were by the new material—a perfect counterpart to the richness and beauty of our products.

The replies were very disappointing. We did not receive praise, but complaints: “Too complicated. We can’t find anything. We don’t know where to look.” Our in-house support staff said the same thing. What’s more, they told us things were getting worse. The more documentation we produced, the more they complained. In addition, the support burden began to increase.

How could this have happened? To us of all people. We design software to facilitate access to information. The most advanced companies in the world call us to help them make the best use of their data and transform their business. How could we fail with our own documentation? It was quite a shock. So, we set about figuring out what to do. And we gave birth to Fluid Topics, graduating from an internal project to a fully realized product and a strategic opportunity for Antidot.

Fabrice Lacroix, Founder and CEO

2012-10-Fabrice_LACROIX_10_HDFabrice Lacroix’s career is intimately linked with the development of the Internet. He began as a system developer in the telecom industry, and rising to the position of CTO, helped create the first French ISP in 1994. Convinced that business growth was more in data than infrastructure, Fabrice created Antidot in 1999 and Fluid Topics in 2012, both headquartered in Lyon, France. He established a U.S. office for Fluid Topics in San Francisco, California in 2013.

Fabrice is a board member of several companies where he consults on innovation and the evolution of the software industry. He graduated from ENSIMAG, (the “French MIT”), and holds a MS in computing from Imperial College, London.