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We have forged partnerships with global leaders in technical communications and customer support technologies to integrate Fluid Topics with their own world-class offerings.

The benefit for you? Lower risk, smoother deployment, seamless content creation-to-delivery process, faster turnaround times, improved value creation and faster returns on investment.

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Acrolinx is very excited to be partnering with Fluid Topics as their leading CDP technology helps solve one of the key challenges for an effective, automated content quality strategy – how to get disparate content into a single place and format for analysis and scoring. Fluid Topics also has incredibly useful production analytics, which we envisage blending with our Acrolinx Scores to provide actionable insights on production data.

Daniel Nutburn

Personalized technical content experiences are fueled by impactful content. To meet modern demands for impactful content at scale, writing teams need a way to curate valuable, product-related content aligned to an enterprise’s guidelines and standards and distribute this in any format required and in the most frictionless way possible. Something you can achieve with Acrolinx and Fluid Topics.

Daniel Nutburn, VP Global Partner & Alliances

DTC-E value proposition to its clients requires that the company stays abreast of and offers best practices for digitalized content search and publishing. The partnership with Antidot to be the implementation partner for the US market is evidence of DTC-E’s ability to support this commitment. Fluid Topics unparalleled access to this digital content unleashes the power of structured information, leaving static PDF publishing in the dust.

Tamas Rasch

Fluid Topics breaks the boundaries of traditional PDF publishing by fully digitalizing content sharing, search and access at the topic level from any source on any device. The power of millisecond fast access revolutionizes organizational efficiency across R&D, customer support and field maintenance internally and advances product experience for the customers. We are thrilled to be Antidot’s chosen partner.

Tamas Rasch, CEO

DITAToo provides a connector to Fluid Topics that enables content authors to publish content from DITAToo directly to a Fluid Topics portal. Our customers use the integration between DITAToo and Fluid Topics to build self-service customer centers that let them reduce the amount of service requests by at least 30%!

Alex Masycheff

The tight integration between DITAToo and Fluid Topics allows us to provide customers with complete end-to-end content solutions. While DITAToo focuses on increasing the efficiency of the content process for the company, Fluid Topics offers content consumers a user experience that fundamentally changes the way they interact with the content. This combination lets our customers both create and deliver personalized, high quality content in scale without costs going over roof.

Alex Masycheff, CEO


Our services include the creation of information concepts and the provision of information. Our aim is to provide the user with the relevant information at the right time. Fluid Topics is the ideal partner to make this possible.

Visit the kothes website to learn more about kothes Smart Information Solutions.

Lars Kothes

With Fluid Topics we have found a reliable cooperation partner who supports us with its products to build up knowledge databases for our customers. We also use Fluid Topics for our own information portal "smart space".

Lars Kothes, Managing Director

Stilo and Antidot have teamed up to deliver a new end-to-end solution for rapidly publishing technical documentation to the web. Using Stilo’s Migrate together with Fluid Topics, one can:

  • Provide customers with relevant, searchable content, accessible across any web or mobile channel
  • Enable customers to interact with online product and support information
  • Continue to use Word and FrameMaker for everyday authoring
    • Be up and running in days

Learn more on how to publish relevant, searchable content to the web in minutes using FrameMaker and Word with no CCMS required: view recorded Webinar.

Les Burnham

I have been very impressed at how quickly a sophisticated documentation portal can be implemented using Fluid Topics alongside Migrate from Stilo. In a matter of days it is possible to publish searchable topics online, while continuing to use Word and FrameMaker for everyday authoring.

Les Burnham, CEO

Antidot and WhP are both experts in managing content and transforming it using advanced technology and workflows. Joining our offering to Antidot’s enables our customer to provide the information the user needs in his language.

Link to DITA section of WhP section 
Link to interview of Fabrice Lacroix

Dominique Trouche

DITA is emerging as the leading structured content standard, and we see it as an opportunity for our customers to optimize their multilingual content generation. In its wake dynamic publishing will become the rule, as it delivers up-to–date personalized content. That’s where Antidot and WhP meet, and our joint offering, based on advanced technology and processes, enables publishers to provide the desired content in the desired language.

Dominique Trouche, CEO

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