Fluid Topics Strategic Partners

Good things come from strong collaborations.

We’re forging partnerships with global leaders in technical communications and customer support technologies to integrate our solution with their world-class offerings. What do our efforts mean for you? Less risk, smoother deployment, seamless content creation- to-delivery process, faster turnaround times, and greater value from your investments.

Author-it has created an Enterprise Authoring Platform (EAP) that  leverages information to sucessfully meet business needs. Author-it EAP provides a powerful, user-friendly, collaborative authoring environment that: promotes content reuse and repurposing, enables content to be reviewed in real-time, enforces corporate standards and security, reduces translation costs and improves efficiency.

Author-it Enterprise Authoring for TechPubs is the complete solution for Technical Communications professionals developing user assistance, product manuals, help systems and knowledge bases. This solution enables you to transform your content into valued, business supporting asset which can be leveraged throughout your organization.

Author-it integration with FluidTopics even more leverages your investment in content and corporate knowledge. Information dynamically rendered to your needs, anytime, anywhere.

Fluid Topics is unbelievably powerful. Combining high quality content with information from other systems dynamically, presented in a clear and modern look and feel on all devices brings the right information at your fingertips as no way before. Author-it and Fluid Topics push knowledge creation and distribution to the highest level possible.

Peter StroesManaging Director EUAuthor-it

Componize is a DITA content management system that optimizes the authoring, management and publishing of high-volume business documents such as technical documentation, learning content or contracts. Combining enterprise-wide collaboration, ease of use, scalability and an open architecture, it provides the full range of features that organizations need today for their content strategy. Componize is today modernizing information development for Intel, SAP and Merck, among others.


Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT is a trusted global leader in the XML content management software industry. Its signature product DITA CMS is an award winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) deployed by industry leaders such as SAP®, ARM®, BlackBerry® and Infineon.  From authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing, DITA CMS provides all the tools required for large, global organizations to support their entire DITA documentation process. IXIASOFT is also the developer of TEXTML Server, a native XML database and powerful search engine. IXIASOFT solutions are accessed by thousands of users worldwide in various vertical markets such as software, hi-tech, newspaper, and medical device manufacturing.

Eric Bergeron, CEO IXIASOFT

FluidTopics is a fresh and smart solution giving new life to technical documentation. It is developed by a team with an innovative vision. We are very excited to partner with such a publishing solution that complements our CCMS so nicely.


Stilo International is the developer of OmniMark – a specialist tool for developing high-performance XML/SGML content processing applications, Migrate – an XML cloud service that enables subject matter experts (SMEs) to automate the conversion of their content to DITA and AuthorBridge – a new enterprise DITA authoring solution that enables SMEs to make browser-based contributions to a CCMS at very low cost.

Stilo and Antidot have teamed up to deliver a new end-to-end solution for rapidly publishing technical documentation to the web. Using Stilo’s Migrate together with Antidot’s Fluid Topics you can:

  • Provide customers with relevant, searchable content, accessible across any web or mobile channel
  • Enable customers to interact with online product and support information
  • Continue to use Word and FrameMaker for everyday authoring
  • Be up and running in days

I have been very impressed at how quickly a sophisticated documentation portal can be implemented using Fluid Topics alongside Migrate from Stilo. In a matter of days it is possible to publish searchable topics online, while continuing to use Word and FrameMaker for everyday authoring.

Les BurnhamCEOStilo International