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Dynamic Content Delivery Solution For

Power Up Your Technical Content Publishing

Take your content operations to the next level. Streamline the way you publish and deliver content, boost your team's productivity and improve your user experience without disrupting your writing processes.

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Maximize Your Field Service Efficiency with Mobile Knowledge

Enable your field technicians with the information and digital tools they need to get the job done right, wherever they are and improve your field service operations. Increase uptime and exceed your SLAs.

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Deliver Next-Generation Customer Support Experiences

Reduce calls and tickets by providing customers with relevant and personalized answers when and where they need it. Anticipate their needs and optimize their journey while maximizing your customer support team's efficiency.

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Boost Your Business with On-Demand Knowledge

Break down silos and augment your team’s productivity with data-driven content experiences. Create seamless customer journeys and improve your CX.

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Meet The Content Delivery Platform That Drives Your Business Forward

Champion your content services through an intelligent, enterprise-grade platform that scales securely. Empower your organization to deliver the next generation of content experiences.

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Read What Our Customers Say About Fluid Topics

    We are excited to partner with Antidot to develop Fluid Topics’ connectors to various MIL Spec XML and S1000D standards and bring the product to the US Defense market. This product enables our clients to access their information in ways unimaginable before.
    Fluid Topics is unbelievably powerful. Combining high quality content with information from other systems dynamically, presented in a clear and modern look and feel on all devices brings the right information at your fingertips as no way before. Author-it and Fluid Topics push knowledge creation and distribution to the highest level possible.
    I have been very impressed at how quickly a sophisticated documentation portal can be implemented using Fluid Topics alongside Migrate from Stilo. In a matter of days it is possible to publish searchable topics online, while continuing to use Word and FrameMaker for everyday authoring.
    FluidTopics is a fresh and smart solution giving new life to technical documentation. It is developed by a team with an innovative vision. We are very excited to partner with such a publishing solution that complements our CCMS so nicely.
    Due to a very clear focus, Fluid Topics and FontoXML are both leading technologies. Together we make a very strong combination.
    We chose to partner with Fluid Topics because they allow our clients to deliver and showcase their content in an elegant and modern way without losing any of the behind-the-scenes DITA intelligence.
    The fully-digitalized industry – also known as Industry 4.0 – is happening now. Latest generation robots, machines and connected objects are already producing data in unmatched volumes, and most organizations still struggle to leverage this data. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies empower leading-edge companies to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and ultimately gain a key competitive advantage.
    DITA is emerging as the leading structured content standard, and we see it as an opportunity for our customers to optimize their multilingual content generation. In its wake dynamic publishing will become the rule, as it delivers up-to–date personalized content. That’s where Antidot and WhP meet, and our joint offering, based on advanced technology and processes, enables publishers to provide the desired content in the desired language.
    Fluid Topics breaks the boundaries of traditional PDF publishing by fully digitalizing content sharing, search and access at the topic level from any source on any device. The power of millisecond fast access revolutionizes organizational efficiency across R&D, customer support and field maintenance internally and advances product experience for the customers. We are thrilled to be Antidot’s chosen partner.
  • Our objective was to change the service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service.” We achieved our goal with Fluid Topics, which allowed us to ensure 24-hour availability of our service knowledge center and greatly reduce support calls and tickets.
  • We don't want field technicians to waste time going through lots of systems and processes trying to figure out what documentation they need to service one of our many products. We want them to quickly search and find the relevant knowledge and deliver the solution to KLA’s customers. With Fluid Topics, we've been able to enable a secured, single portal for all technical documentation that is getting our technicians straight to the information they need.
  • We chose to move to Dynamic Content Delivery because we needed to deliver relevant content in a way that would provide value to users and increase our ranking by web search engines. Now when people, Napatech users or customers, are looking for something specific, they end up in the right place right away. And the increase in visibility is incredible.
  • Fluid Topics got our test system up and running within a week. It was immediately easy to use and to upload, and it was already looking beautiful out of the box. It took us very little effort to customize it to our look and feel and requirements.
    "White-glove service."

    "Saved my life!"

    "Provided exactly the information I needed to get the job done."
    "We're happy to get a chance to send our product enhancement requests and get those reviewed with our Customer Success rep."

    "I liked that the representative had reviewed my site and suggested improvements based on current features."
  • We’ve saved up to two weeks in the documentation delivery process for large products, which helped us reach our goal of four-week release cycles. We couldn’t have kept up with the pace without Fluid Topics.
  • The implementation of the Fluid Topics platform is an important modernization step that will help remove inefficiencies as well as allow more personalized forms of documentation and up-to-date instructions.
  • With Fluid Topics, each technician could save on average 30 minutes per week when searching for appropriate information.
  • The implementation of the Fluid Topics platform is an important modernization step that will help remove inefficiencies as well as allow more personalized forms of documentation and up-to-date instructions.
  • Fluid Topics is a huge leap forward for us. The content delivery portal has grown to become an enterprise resource that directly supports our internal teams and our customers
  • Fluid Topics is a huge leap forward for us. The content delivery portal has grown to become an enterprise resource that directly supports our internal teams and our customers

Proven Results in Weeks not Years

30%savings in
publishing costs

34%decrease in
support tickets

2 Weekssaved in the
delivery process

30min/weeksaved by each

Why Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics breaks the shackles of static publishing and provides limitless opportunities for user interactions. Leave pre-generated documents and rigid formats behind. Embrace Content as a Service and create smart product content experiences.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Fluid Topics is the leading Content Delivery Platform dedicated to technical documentation and reinvents content publishing. How is it different from what you have now?

How does it work?

Our software solution transforms your documentation into a smart knowledge hub and delivers actionable information that is tailored to the user and suited to the channel.

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