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Best of 2023:
The Fluid Topics recap

Jan 4, 2024  |  Reading Time: 3 minutes

As we’ve just said goodbye to 2023, let’s reflect on what the Fluid Topics’ community of content specialists and innovators enjoyed last year! Our recap highlights Fluid Topics’ defining moments and top resources. From new features to articles, delve into the topics that sparked engaging conversations and piqued interest throughout the year.

Most-Read Posts

CMS, headless CMS, CCMS, and CDP: Understand What They Are and What You Need

CMS, headless CMS, CCMS, and CDP— the terms are familiar to content professionals, technical writers, and marketers. But do you truly distinguish between your traditional Web CMS and the modern Content Delivery Platform (CDP)?

In just 5 minutes, grasp the unique specifics of each solution and evaluate what aligns best with your business needs.

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4 Customer Service and Support Trends to Follow

Last January, we highlighted 4 trends to watch and adopt in 2023. Twelve months later, a significant portion of them took the stage and experienced growing, if not exceptional, interest and adoption.

Revisit our article to reflect on which trends you may have supported, their impact on your company or business, and those you might not have anticipated.

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Self-Service and Case Deflection: A Game-Changer in Customer Experience

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, customers increasingly favor self-sufficiency. To meet evolving demands, companies aim for value-added experiences through self-service and case deflection strategies. In this blog, we’ve addressed key questions regarding these approaches and offered guidelines for a smooth implementation:

  • What is Self-Service? What Are The Advantages?
  • Are Case Deflection and Self-Service The Same Thing?
  • 3 Building Blocks of Effective Self-Service and Case Deflection

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Most-Watched Webinars

GenAI: 6 Real-life Transformations for Tech Doc and Your Organization

Explore the replay of one of our most-watched webinars this year, delving into the practical potential of GenAI! Discover six practical use cases demonstrating AI’s remarkable impact on transforming Tech Doc practices, and enjoy Fabrice Lacroix’s insights backed by two decades of expertise in LLM and AI research and development.

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Delivery-First Approach: The Key to Faster ROI in Content Projects

Check out this insightful webinar featuring Fabrice Lacroix and Karsten Schrempp, founder of Pantopix. They discuss how companies can rapidly succeed in their content projects, enhancing user journeys without the need for extensive content re-architecture.

Explore the delivery-first approach and uncover strategies to expedite and optimize your content projects across all phases.

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Transforming the Customer Service Center with Self-Service Documentation

Last January, we co-hosted a webinar with Alex Masycheff, CEO at Intuillion titled “Transforming the Customer Service Center with Self-Service Documentation”.

This webinar showcased the success story of swissQprint, a leader in high-end digital printing systems, as they accelerated growth and raised their service levels by enabling self-service documentation.

During this session, Alex and Fabrice Lacroix discussed how the company’s shift to structured content, standardized content processes, and dynamic content delivery approaches transformed their service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service”.

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Feature of the Year: Case Deflection

In 2023, we enriched Fluid Topics with a new Case Deflection component aimed at reducing your company’s support tickets using your product content.

As users submit queries in a case form, Fluid Topics offers immediate contextualized content recommendations, empowering self-resolution. Users evaluate suggestions’ relevance, while the platform tracks content ratings, deflected cases, and ticket-creation queries.

self-service case deflection

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Social event of the year

LavaCon’s 2023 edition proved an exceptional event, focused on the challenges of content strategy with top-tier speakers and highly innovative solutions.

Our own Fabrice Lacroix and Lola Caillaud engaged with numerous forward-thinking content professionals, each harboring innovative projects and substantial expectations for enhancing user experiences through content.

A highlight was the ‘GenAI and Wine’ social event co-hosted by Fluid Topics and our partner Acrolinx, where community members connected. Special thanks to the LavaCon organizing team, particularly Jack Molisani and Kevin Meglic, for fostering this invaluable yet invaluable community interaction.

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Coming Up in 2024

Let’s kick-off the year on a high note! Join us for our first webinar of the year “Breaking Barriers: Content Pros as GenAI pioneers”!

Amber Swope, Lief Erickson, and Fabrice Lacroix will lead the discussion on why content specialists should take the lead of GenAI projects in their organizations! Explore how their skills drive AI initiatives, shaping content into user-centric experiences. Our speakers will demonstrate how empowering content professionals sparks innovation and delights customers.

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