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Front-End Engineer with Appetite for Back-End

Permanent    Full time
Lyon, Lambesc, full remote

Fluid Topics is a global leader in providing cutting-edge SaaS publishing solutions, with millions of daily requests to our servers from customers all around the world. At Antidot, the Fluid Topics Core team is responsible for building the web services backend that powers seamless user experiences and the turnkey portal for maximizing the potential of their documentation.

Our software is primarily developed in Java (for backend) and TypeScript, emphasizing software craftsmanship, UX/UI, accessibility, reliability, and distributed processing.

Join Our Inclusive and Agile Team

  • We collaborate closely with a Product Owner to continuously optimize the value of our deliverables, and work hand-in-hand with other teams and the CTO to ensure a consistent and operable system design.
  • We embrace Agile/Kanban principles and foster a culture of knowledge sharing among all team members.
  • Our DevSecOps approach ensures that we frequently package and update the software for our SaaS customers while integrating security to our developments.
  • We run alerting and monitoring systems and provide expert debugging assistance to other teams.

Be Part of Our Journey as a Software Engineer

  • Contribute actively to our codebase as a key member of our feature-focused Core team, working with code that manages front-end, back-end, and operations.
  • Play a vital role in shaping product design and architecture.

We Value Your Skills and Mindset

  • Master of Engineering, Computing major
  • Soft Skills: open to discussion, collaboration, sharing ideas, empathy, and respecting diverse perspectives
  • Mindset: eager to learn, thrive in a team environment, enthusiastic, and proactive
  • Proficient in English (for our international context)
  • Strong TypeScript skills, with knowledge of Java

Cutting-Edge Development Environment

  • LitElement, web technologies (HTML, CSS, TypeScript), Storybook
  • Latest Java edition, Spring Boot, MongoDB, SSO, OWASP
  • Clean code, TDD, peer reviews, and/or pair coding
  • Kubernetes & containers

Join our welcoming team in our offices in Lambesc (near Aix-en-Provence) or Lyon, with flexible remote work up to 4 days per week, or full remote work from France. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that promotes collaboration, growth, and innovation. Be part of our Agile and DevSecOps culture, and let’s make a difference together!

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Front-End Engineer with Appetite for Back-End

Permanent    Full time
Lyon, Lambesc, full remote