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Fluid Topics capabilities translate into measurable cost reduction and revenue benefits.
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User Satisfaction [1/4]

How many phone calls and emails does your technical support organization receive every workday?

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Users who can’t find the information they need constitute a significant percentage of technical support calls and emails. But, by providing them with a vast new world of useable content that they can control, Fluid Topics helps you turn frustrated users into fans. That means higher customer retention and more repeat business. Forrester found a high correlation (66%) between positive customer experience and willingness to consider additional purchases for 81% of companies they surveyed*.

* “Assessing the Economic Value of Making the Right Customer Satisfaction Decisions—and the “Impact of Dissatisfaction on Churn” – By Joel Barbier, Andy Noronha, and Amitabh Dixit, Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG).

Customer support [2/4]

How many Level 1 and Level 2 technical support agents does your company employ?

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To answer user questions effectively, your technical support agents must frequently sift through dozens of different files, paper documents, emails and other disparate bits of information that are difficult to track and file for future use. Fluid Topics reduces the number of user calls; but, for calls that do come through, it gives support techs access to needed information rapidly and in context from one convenient location.

Productivity [3/4]

How many employees in your company find, digest and make decisions using technical information as part of their job?

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Analysts estimate that knowledge workers spend 45% of their day searching for information then compiling and repurposing it.* They often wind up replicating the work of others because the information they are looking for is inaccessible, incomplete or out-of-date. Gains in productivity here multiply fast.

* “Business Impact of Customer Experience”, Forrester, June 2011.

Business opportunities [4/4]

What is the average amount of new business revenue your company brings in each year?


First impressions count. If customers visiting your website easily find information they need to evaluate your products and services, they form a favorable opinion of your company and are more willing to take the next step.* Fluid Topics helps you attract and analyze new customer opportunities.

* “The high cost of not finding information”, Sue Feldman, in KMWorld, March 2004.

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