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Fluid Topics Content Analytics are designed from the ground up to optimize authoring and improve the user experience. Welcome to next-level, content-centric, and user-focused analytics.

Real Insights into Content Usage

Analytics Reporting

Capture it all

Our software captures every user interaction with high levels of detail and deep context. You’ll see every keyword search and every selected facet. You’ll also see what content was viewed and for how long. Finally you’ll know when content is accessed, what led a user to it, and much more. Capture it all and build a strong foundation for data-driven decision making.

Centered on Content

Forget vanity metrics, page views and document downloads that don’t tell you much about your content. Our Analytics engine understands content structure, identifies versions, analyzes metadata, and dives deep into your content to produce insightful dashboards and metrics that really matter.

Focused on Users

Our Analytics tool captures users’ behavior to provide deep insights into their content journey. Enrich your knowledge of user preferences, history, and interests, and leverage it all to offer better customer service while fully respecting privacy and security.

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Superpowered Analytics

An Apache, Cassandra and Spark stack capable of handling millions of events per day

Custom Reports in One Click

Choose from pre-loaded reports or configure personalized reports with ease

Always On Call

APIs make integration with your existing IT systems and applications simple

Offline But Still In The Know

Offline events are tracked and stored locally and uploaded to the server when reconnected

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