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There is search, and then there’s Fluid Topics intelligent search. It’s personalized and relevant. It understands your users and your business. It uses AI-powered natural language processing to help your customers find the right answer, across all your content.

Our objective was to change the service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service.” We achieved our goal with Fluid Topics, which allowed us to ensure 24-hour availability of our service knowledge center and greatly reduce support calls and tickets.


support tickets after launching the Documentation Portal

Source: SwissQprint AG

The Search That Understands Your Users and Your Business

Relevant and Fast

Web search engines like Google have set high standards for search performance. Your users expect nothing less when they browse your product documentation. From keyword search to semantic search, our intelligent search platform makes it easy for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for in milliseconds.

Personalized and Contextualized

The Fluid Topics search engine learns from your behavior and understands the intent and contextual meaning of a search query. We integrate user preferences and context to provide tailored results that resonate with you.

Optimized for GenAI

The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform seamlessly connects to all your content sources and unifies your knowledge in a single search index. Your teams can benefit from retrieval-augmented generation and semantic search to ensure your applications (i.e. chatbots) deliver the most relevant, accurate, and trustworthy information across all use cases.


Your business isn’t limited by borders, so why should your search be? Our technology offers full support for your global operations with the same speed, relevance, and cutting-edge NLP capabilities for 23 languages, including those with non-Latin characters from the Middle East and Asia.

Secured by Design

Fluid Topics incorporates secure-by-design governance mechanisms into its infrastructure (including the computation of embeddings). This means our search engine won’t reveal information and documentation that users shouldn’t see and content is 100% internally processed by the AI model and never leaked to external systems.

Explore Search Capabilities

Type ahead & Typo tolerant

Guide users to relevant search results, even when your fingers fly a little too fast


Narrow your search in seconds to find the content you need


Our algorithms understand what you mean, even when it’s different from what you say


Fluid Topics clusters search results when content is reused in several document versions to eliminate redundancy


Every time you search, our algorithm gets smarter

Configurable ranking

Use any metadata to promote content based on your business rules. Give more relevance to recent documents or specific content types in a few clicks

Keyword highlighting

Keywords are highlighted in the text, title, and metadata for better visibility

Boolean, Exact, Stemming

Use AND, OR, and other Boolean operators and truncate terms


Our typo-proof spellchecker leaves no room for misunderstandings

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