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Fluid Topics allows companies to build frictionless support experiences by offering rich self-service options to customers and by giving support agents the knowledge tools they need to ensure swift resolution and user satisfaction.

Transform Your Users into Experts

Fluid Topics transforms your product and technical content from any source and any format into a unified knowledge center that delivers accurate, reliable and always up-to-date product answers.

Our Content Delivery Platform serves your customers with the product information they need to successfully solve their issues on their own. Prevent questions from turning into cases, improve case deflection, and accelerate resolution while making the most of your product documentation.

Benefits for Your Business

A Central Knowledge Hub
For Your Product Answers

Provide a unified view of all your product documentation and deliver a seamless support experience across content silos.

Empower Customers to Self-Serve in Any Channel

Make your product information available on-demand at any touchpoint of your customer journey.

Case Deflecting Recommendations

Reduce support tickets and costs by automatically suggesting relevant answers in context. Free your teams from any question your documentation can answer.

Boost Agents’ Efficiency, Accelerate Resolution

Evaluate each individual user interaction with your product content to better prepare your agents for the most complex questions.

Personalized and Relevant Content

Give customers answers that fit their product, profile and situation. Serve tailored content to each user and ensure a successful resolution.

Knowledge Tools

Make searching your documentation effortless for your agents by integrating all product knowledge directly within their helpdesk tools.

See Why Industry Leaders Love Fluid Topics

Our objective was to change the service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service.” We achieved our goal with Fluid Topics, which allowed us to ensure 24-hour availability of our service knowledge center and greatly reduce support calls and tickets.


support tickets after launching the Documentation Portal

Source: SwissQprint AG

How We Change the Game


One Resource Center

Provide your users with a single, unified repository for all of your content. Technical documentation, knowledge bases, past support tickets and more are all available at a glance based on user needs, rights and profiles. Avoid context-switching and deliver a unique, seamless support experience.

Infinite Integration

Serve unified knowledge anywhere, including in existing helpdesk tools and community software such as Salesforce Service Cloud or Community Cloud. Promote user autonomy with inline help, and modern channels such as chatbots. Put your technical documentation to work in every channel and in every part of your business and improve customer service.

Infinite Integration


Your Portal,
Up and Running in Seconds

Create a self-service portal that grants access to all content that matters. Deploy and configure a turnkey solution in record time. Make it your own with custom branding, integrate it with your backend and enforce your security rules.

Understand Your Users’ Needs
Proactively Provide Answers

Analyze how your content is used, see what queries are the most searched for, which topics are the most read and which information couldn’t be found. Anticipate questions before they arise and promote the relevant information in context. Fill the content gaps in your knowledge base and make sure customers find an answer for each question.

Fluid Topics Analytics

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Cutting-Edge Search Engine

Leverage our AI-powered Search to provide a fast, personalized search experience to employees and self-service users

Security & Authorization

Manage identities, permissions, languages and more to ensure the right content is delivered to the right user.


Gather feedback from your users to guarantee continuous improvement

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