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Leave the days of unreadable and unread content behind. Deliver a reading experience adapted to the user, the device and the situation.

How We Change the Game


Continuous Reader

Fluid Topics offers virtual and infinite scroll to dynamically stream content while users read. It hides the underlying structure and saves users from having to click their way through your content. Put a smooth, enjoyable reading experience at your user’s fingertips.

Straight to the Content

Each section of a document is directly accessible thanks to stable and unique identifiers. Whether internal, external, or between documents, links are analyzed and kept fully functional.



Fluid Topics automatically adapts its interface and your content to the size of the device. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or AR-VR goggles, the user reading experience is always optimized and truly native.

Go Beyond Words

Fluid Topics serves multimedia content and text just as easily. Render images, audio and video, 2D and 3D vector graphics, and make it all fit perfectly into a screen or device. Let your pictures do the talking and deliver the viewing experience that your users expect.

Go Beyond Words
Version And Variants New

Variants and Versions

Each document may come with multiple versions and variants, just like your products. Such redundancy can quickly become a nuisance and keep your users from finding what they need. Fluid Topics overcomes this challenge by automatically grouping different versions of the same topic or book into a single virtual document and drives your users directly to the appropriate version.

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Filter Out the Noise

Eliminate redundancy and display each instance just once

Stable Links

Unique and stable identifiers grant direct access to a document and put users exactly where they need to be

CSS Styling

Use style sheets to dynamically fine-tune how your content is rendered

WCAG Compliant

A UI that aligns with all of the accessibility guidelines in WCAG 2.0 

Fast Preview

Preview content instantly without leaving the current document

Browser Agnostic

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari – Fluid Topics works on every modern browser

Multilingual UI

Available in 10 languages, supports content in 23 languages, and more to come

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Find & View

If your content can’t be found or read, it might as well not exist. See how Fluid Topics creates a smooth reading experience in all situations

White Papers

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Dynamic content publishing delivers personalized, customized, on-the-fly documentation, letting you gain insight through contextual and complete information

Field Services

Field Services

Connect your Field Service personnel to the product information they need to get their job done right in all situations.