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Whether your users need to access content on the road, in a cave or on Mars, Fluid Topics has your back. It offers the same great user experience on smartphones or tablets, online or offline.

How We Provide a True Mobile Experience


Great UX on any Device

The Fluid Topics UI is fully responsive and optimized for a native mobile user experience. It uses the Single Page App paradigm, adapts to the size of any device and improves rendering by applying CSS based on screen dimensions.

Smart Offline Mode

Use the same Fluid Topics portal to read content both online and offline thanks to Progressive Web App technology. Whether you want to limit your data usage or are working outside of your network coverage area, your reading experience is consistent and seamless.


Select the Content that You Need

The Collections functionality lets you create, sync and manage content right on your device. With a single click, collect the content you need before heading off the grid or out of range. Content updates refresh automatically with your next sync.

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

No Software, no App to Install

Progressive Web App technology means that you don’t have to develop, maintain and submit custom apps to multiple app stores

Adapted to Your Brand, Look, and Feel

Brand your portal, and your app will automatically align to your look and feel

Go Offline and Stay in the Loop

Capture user interactions with your content, even when devices are offline – they’ll sync later, and you won’t miss out on anything

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Offline Mode

Take 90 seconds to understand how the Fluid Topics Offline Mode boosts your operations

Case Studies


How swissQprint Streamlined their Service Organization with Self-Service Documentation

A discussion with Johannes Müller, Head of Tech Communication and Quality Management at swissQprint

Field Services

Field Services

Connect your Field Service personnel to the product information they need to get their job done right in all situations.