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Fluid Topics is an intelligent platform allowing companies to streamline the way they publish and update their technical documentation while improving the customer experience.

Harness the Power of Dynamic Content Delivery

Fluid Topics collects and unifies all your product and technical documentation, no matter the initial source and format, and feeds the relevant content to any digital channel, device, and application, in context with your users’ needs and environment.

Our Content Delivery Platform is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools to enable dynamic publishing without disrupting the writing process.

Benefits for Documentation Teams

Fast & Seamless Publishing to All Channels At Once

Write or collect your content and publish it immediately to any digital channel. No lengthy formatting needed. No IT resources required. Ensure your documentation is always aligned with your product updates at any touchpoint.

Powerful Integration With All Your Content Sources and Tools

With ready-to-use integrations with authoring tools and CCMS, our solution unifies your product and technical documentation from all formats and eases the publishing process across content sources.

Improved Content Findability and Accessibility

Content, from all of your authoring tools and systems, is automatically processed and centralized to make your product and technical information consistently findable and accessible.

Reliable, Up-to-Date Information at All Times

Publish content automatically as soon as it’s approved and as often as needed. Keep your documentation live on the user side at any time.

Unified User Experience Across All Touchpoints

Give your customers accurate information, right where they are, whether that’s inside a chatbot, on your website, in your support channels, or even in community portals such as Salesforce.

Powerful, Actionable Insights on Content Usage

Track the metrics that really matter to optimize authoring and improve the user experience.

See Why Industry Leaders Love Fluid Topics

We chose to move to Dynamic Content Delivery because we needed to deliver relevant content in a way that would provide value to users and increase our ranking by web search engines. Now when people, Napatech users or customers, are looking for something specific, they end up in the right place right away. And the increase in visibility is incredible.


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Source: Napatech

How We Change the Game

One Knowledge Hub

Get a central repository of fine-grained information for all of your content. Whether you use Madcap Flare, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, Oxygen XML Editor, Author-IT, Componize or Ixiasoft, whatever your technical documentation format, your content is processed, enriched, and unified to make it consistently accessible.

Powerful, Intuitive Search

Finding your content has never been easier. Fluid Topics powerful and intuitive search engine ensures that your users find exactly what they need in just milliseconds. Your search results are relevant and contextual, meaning your documentation gets read.

Fluid Topics Saved Search

Multichannel Document Delivery

Break free from the limits of PDF and HTML and never lock your content in a single format again. Our open platform serves your content securely and simultaneously to any channel.

Game-Changing Analytics

Enjoy analytics designed for technical documentation. Know what’s popular, what’s not, and what’s missing. Get solid metrics about content consumption and user behavior, and use these insights to drive your documentation effort.

Fluid Topics Analytics

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Fit All Screens

Responsive design adapts content format to every device

Interactive Tools

Get instant feedback and personalize content on the fly

Enterprise Class

Security best practices built to scale

Learn How Fluid Topics Supercharges Your Entire Organization

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