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Multi Formats

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Fluid Topics integrates all your technical content from any sources, in any formats. Create a unified repository of enriched content and remove the complexity of publishing across information silos.

How We Unify Tech Doc

Structured Content, Natively Processed

You name it, we can process it. There’s no need to create or maintain custom transformation scripts. From DITA, Docbook and other XML-based formats, to HTML, Markdown and YAML, Fluid Topics comes ready with a set of processing pipelines to ingest your content in its native format.

Unstructured Content, Reborn

When it comes to unstructured content, Fluid Topics doesn’t stop at full text indexing. We restructure common formats such as Word, HTML, Wiki markup, FrameMaker and MadCap Flare, in order to provide the same content experience across the board whatever the sources. It’s as if they were all born structured.

Unstructured Content

Connect All Applications

Technical content and product information are created and stored in a variety of applications beyond the common writing tools. That’s why our connectors can ingest not only parts catalogs, Salesforce knowledge bases, and Confluence Wikis but also relational databases, Jira cards, Swagger API references and community content.

Multimedia and Beyond

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, and we agree. Fluid Topics ingests and indexes any type of multimedia file, then optimizes how it’s rendered so that it can be embedded in a document or published as a standalone element for viewing or downloading. Raw images, vector graphics, animation, interactive SVGs, 3D images – even audio and video – nothing is beyond Fluid Topics.

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Plug in and Publish

Connect your CCMS and publish seamlessly from Paligo, Author-it, Componize, Ixiasoft, Oxygen, and more with ready-to-use integrations

Open Platform

Use our APIs and SDKs at will to add connectors from any in-house or proprietary source

Continuous Publishing

Streamline your content publishing workflow and release as often as needed

Full DITA Support

Includes all specializations, customizations, cross references, and keys

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Combine & Publish

Remove the complexity of publishing across sources

Readability - Reading Feature


See how Fluid Topics delivers a smooth reading experience that adapts to the reader and the device


The Parts and the Whole: Publishing Technical Documentation

Today, several centuries after the invention of the printing press, we can legitimately ask ourselves whether there’s any value to preparing technical documentation in book form