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Fluid Topics is a full-fledged Content Delivery Solution that streamlines technical documentation publishing. Manage all your content services from a single platform, loaded with premier functionalities, and power Content as a Service across your company’s ecosystem.

Harness the Power of Dynamic Content Delivery

Fluid Topics collects and unifies all of your company’s technical and product documentation into a central knowledge hub, no matter the sources, systems, and formats. Our AI-powered solution then serves the relevant content on-demand to any digital channel, device, and application.

Our technology is built to scale alongside your organization and keeps your content secure and available at all times. Move to next-generation content technologies, optimize your operations and infrastructure and reduce technical debt.

Benefits for Your Business

Seamless Integration Into Your Existing IT Landscape

Fluid Topics’s API-first architecture enables unlimited integration capabilities with your existing systems, tools and sources. It also provides ready-to-use connectors for authoring tools and CCMS.

Level Up Your Digital Transformation Game

Architect the future you want with AI and NLP. Deliver smart customer experiences with the next generation of content technologies embedded in one platform, all at enterprise scale.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Scalability

Fluid Topics’ platform is built to exceed the most demanding enterprise standards. Security is paramount, data privacy is by design. Our cloud services also guarantee scalability and support your business growth.

One Central Admin Panel

Fluid Topics offers an easy-to-use Admin UI for configuring and monitoring your single point of delivery. Manage your content processing and rendering, UI branding, security, analytics, and users from the same control panel.

Flexible Deployment

Whether hosted in our cloud (SaaS) or on-premises, Fluid Topics has deployment options to meet your needs. From a simple virtual machine to multiple data centers, the choice is yours.

Reliable Infrastructure

Your technical content must be accessible at all times. The uptime of our SaaS service is on average 99.9% to ensure peace of mind for you and your team.

See Why Industry Leaders Love Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics got our test system up and running within a week. It was immediately easy to use and to upload, and it was already looking beautiful out of the box. It took us very little effort to customize it to our look and feel and requirements.

1 week

to fully deploy a test environment with customer content

Source: Napatech

How We Change the Game

One Integrated Platform

Fluid Topics is a comprehensive software stack composed of modules that are designed to work together to collect, enrich and securely serve your content to users and applications. Packaged as a platform and natively open for integration, it puts state-of the art technology at your fingertips.

Manage your Content Services value chain from a single platform that is loaded with premier functionalities.

Limitless Content Integration

Fluid Topics provides a set of ready-to-use connectors for the most common sources. Our processing pipelines ingest all content in its native format and remove the complexity of handling tricky transformation scripts. A truly extensible platform, Fluid Topics offers APIs and SDKs to build bespoke connectors for proprietary data sources.


Born of the Web and Truly Open

Fluid Topics is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools. Offering a comprehensive set of REST APIs for everything from searching and reading to publishing, monitoring and configuring, it connects with the tools you use every day. Fully documented APIs and SDKs make the Fluid Topics platform ready to extend its capabilities across your business.

AI Across the Platform

Fluid Topics’ strong expertise in search technology and AI is grounded in two decades of research and development. Our technology is packed with the algorithms you need to level up your digital transformation game.

From content processing and search to metadata indexing and analytics, our advanced AI algorithms are pre-trained and optimized to ingest, unify, and serve your content.

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Go Beyond the Search Box

Our search engine applies sophisticated language modeling and probabilistic techniques to provide superior relevance and tailor the result list to each user

Embedded Analytics

Get greater insight into your platform usage. Leverage metrics on users, document processing, sessions, API calls and more, to drive performance for your business.

Smart Content Enrichment

Fluid Topics includes smart modules to enrich and unify content, extract and align metadata, massage structured formats, and structure unstructured documents

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