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The High-Tech & Electronics industry is fast-paced, competitive and complex. Companies release and manage products worldwide in a variety of international markets. Providing consistent and up-to-date technical documentation, in multiple languages, is key to bringing innovation to the market faster and staying ahead of competition.

With Fluid Topics, align your technical content delivery to your product development, ensure users connect to the right information at the moment of need, easily remove friction in their journey, and create value for your network.

30%savings in
publishing costs

34%decrease in
support tickets

1 month saved in the product release cycle

What Makes Our Technology Right For You?

A Unified Knowledge Center For All Your Documentation

Gather your content from all sources, systems and contributors into a single source of truth. Publish consistently and easily to all channels from this central knowledge hub.

Get The Information Out Quickly

Deliver documentation in real-time, in sync with each new product version rolled out to production. Keep your documentation live on the user side at any time.

A Seamless Content Experience Everywhere

Effortlessly connect your customers with the vital information they need across your touch points. Boost your internet presence and product visibility in all digital channels.

An Omnichannel Self-Service Hub

Empower your customers and resellers to find answers on their own, whether that’s inside in your community, on your website or your help desk tools. Offload your support teams and increase user satisfaction.

Unlock Your Data and Deliver Results Faster

Get the in-depth data you need to understand your users’ journey and bring them to the right outcome faster. Turn your data into knowledge and enrich your customer’s experience.

Engage Your Resellers and Grow Your Network

Transfer product knowledge effectively to your channel partners with reseller portals tailored to their needs, profiles, and geography. Make it easy for them to sell and service your products.

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Explore the Possibilities

Aggregate All Your Content Sources and Tools

With ready-to-use integrations with authoring tools and CCMS, our solution unifies your product and technical documentation from all formats and eases the publishing process across content sources.

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Connect With Your International Audience

Natively provide your global audience with a portal in 23 different languages and elevate your documentation into an engaging and personalized user experience.

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Deliver the Most Relevant Content with Contextual Results

Get your customers straight to the contextual information they need, among thousands of technical documents or millions of topics. No matter how many product variants or versions you have, provide results that resonate with your users.

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Drive Your Business’ Digital Transformation

Benefit from dedicated content analytics to track all user interactions with your technical content. Capture it all and understand which investment or resources need to be prioritized.

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Why Fluid Topics?

Unrivalled Search and NLP Capabilities

Fast Time to Value with Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

Flexible Implementation, SaaS or On-Premises

Secured and Scalable Content Delivery Platform

Trusted by Top High-Tech & Electronics Companies

Manufacturing Resources & Insights

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