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Fluid Topics is an Intelligent Content Delivery Platform that transforms your company’s technical documentation into on-demand knowledge and enhances its operational efficiency while improving the customer experience.

Disrupt Your Business with Dynamic Delivery

The technical documentation every company owns is a major reserve of business opportunity. From user enablement and product adoption to customer success, product content has the power to achieve your most critical company goals.

Our Content Delivery Platform transforms your existing documentation into compelling content experiences that effectively engage your users, maximize your team’s productivity and increase your ROI.

Benefits for Your Business

Enlighten Your Customer Journey

Support your users at every touchpoint of the product experience. From first contact to onboarding, troubleshooting to upgrading, be available where and when your users need you.

Break Down Team Silos and Improve Collaboration

Deploy a smart knowledge hub where all your information is centralized. Give unified access to your content across the organization.

Boost User Enablement with Continous Learning

Facilitate user onboarding by serving progressive content that builds up product knowledge. Upskill employees and partners successfully with fresh, contextual information, delivered when needed.

Leverage Self-Service to Improve CX

Maximize the value of your self-service channels and provide customers with easy-to-find, up-to-date and personalized information. Anticipate their needs and free up your customer support teams.

Insightful Metrics That Go Beyond Page Views

Drive your business with insights. Precisely track how users interact with your content to make informed decisions and measure the impact on your bottom line.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Scalability

Fluid Topics’ platform is built to exceed the most demanding industry standards. Our cloud-based architecture includes a comprehensive suite of services to guarantee scalability, reliability and security.

See Why Industry Leaders Love Fluid Topics

Our objective was to change the service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service.” We achieved our goal with Fluid Topics, which allowed us to ensure 24-hour availability of our service knowledge center and greatly reduce support calls and tickets.


support tickets after launching the Documentation Portal

Source: SwissQprint AG

How We Change the Game

One Central Hub For All
Cross-Enterprise Processes

Drive higher ROI from your technical and product content through our integrated platform. Get a central repository of fine-grained information for all of your content. Address the needs of all your customer-facing services such as Customer Support, Field Service, Marketing or even Sales, and unlock your content’s full potential with premier functionalities.

AI to Drive Your Business’
Digital Transformation

Our platform is packed with the technology you need to level up your digital transformation game. Use AI capabilities to deliver intelligent, personalized and consistent experiences to all your users. From content ingestion and unification to search and analytics, Fluid Topics provides cutting-edge technologies and readily available features to create a modern content experience.

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Your Data-Driven Content Strategy

What people search for and their road to content discovery can give you great insight into what they want. Fluid Topics embeds dedicated content analytics to track all user interactions with your technical content. Capture it all and understand which investment or resources need to be prioritized.

A Future-Proof Digital Solution

Technologies and digital user behaviors change at an accelerated pace: new tools, increased collaborative work, higher volumes of information, more digital channels to feed… You need to be ready to adapt smoothly and efficiently to anticipated as well as unexpected changes to always stay ahead of the curve. As an open Content Delivery Platform built for agility, Fluid Topics is designed to easily integrate all changes to your technology stack and help you scale as your business needs evolve. Focus on your growth! Fluid Topics has your back.

Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Smart Documentation

Adopt our fully brandable turnkey web application to deploy documentation portals and mobile apps in a few clicks

Next-Generation Search Engine

Use cutting-edge, AI-powered natural language processing to find anything you’re looking for in just milliseconds

Proven Results in Weeks not Years

Get up and running with Fluid Topics in record time and extract maximum value from your CDP at all times

Learn How Fluid Topics Supercharges Your Entire Organization

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