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Quickly build rich self-service experiences with your smart documentation portal. Empower your customers, partners and employees with the most up-to-date and personalized content. Create an outstanding content experience and drive product adoption.

Uplift your Customer Experience

One Source of Truth for All

Fluid Topics transforms your product and technical content from any source and any format into a smart, unified knowledge center. It continuously ingests your technical documentation from all of your authoring and content management tools, files systems, PLM, PIM, knowledge bases and more, and makes it centrally available at a glance for any authorized users. Provide your users with a seamless content experience.

Up and Running in No Time

Get started with an out of the box portal in minutes, not weeks. Create a multilingual portal in just a few clicks. Save valuable time and money with the rapid implementation of your portal and quickly scale your knowledge center.


A Fully Customizable Portal

Fluid Topics enables you to easily customize your self-service portal with a variety of “drag and drop” components. You can create different types of pages, customize content, layouts, branding and other design elements. Tailor your portal to fit your needs and elevate your documentation into an engaging and personalized user experience.

A Digital Self-Service Experience

Serve relevant, targeted, and personalized information on your web portal, on-demand. Provide reliable content at all times, ensure customers find answers on their own, and reduce the number of support tickets that come your way.


Powerful, Actionable User Insights

Track and analyze each user interaction with your content to enhance your documentation, better your product and improve your customer experience. Identify what users have searched for and read, understand best/worst rated topics, determine content gaps, and deliver best-in-class support.

Explore More Smart Documentation Portal Capabilities


With out-of-the-box widgets and an easy-to-use interface, Fluid Topics makes it simple to design your portal.

Multilingual Portal

Natively provide your global audience with a portal in 23 different languages.

Cutting-Edge Search Engine

Enable your users to find exactly what they’re looking for in milliseconds. Integrate user preferences to provide results that resonate with them.

Perfect Readability

Serve multimedia content just as easily as text. Render images, audio and video, 2D and 3D vector graphics, and make it all fit perfectly into any screen or device.

Continuous Publishing

Publish as often as you need without relying on IT resources and ensure your documentation is always aligned with your product updates.

Security & Authorization

Manage identities, permissions, languages and more to ensure the right content is delivered to the right user.

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