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The accelerating pace of product launches and updates impacts your whole business, including your documentation. As a software company, the last thing you want is unreliable, outdated and unfindable product answers leading to frustrated customers and increased support costs.

With Fluid Topics, ensure your users have access to the right information the first time, whenever they interact with your software products and free your support teams by eliminating unnecessary product questions.


2 Weekssaved in the
delivery process

30%savings in
publishing costs

34%decrease in
support tickets

What Makes Our Technology Right For You?

Publishing at the Speed of Product Releases

Update technical content as often as you like and make it available instantly to the people who need it. With Fluid Topics you can publish the moment you push a product or feature update. No lengthy formatted needed.

Eliminating Frustration With Documentation Self-Service

Give your customers accurate information, right where they are, whether that’s inside your software product, on your website, in your support channels, or even in community portals such as Salesforce. Reduce customer effort and improve adoption.

Powerful Integration With All Your Content Sources and Tools

With ready-to-use integrations with authoring tools and CCMS, our solution integrates your product documentation from all formats and eases the publishing process across content sources.

An Intuitive & Unified Content Experience

No matter how many products and software versions you offer or how many tools and formats you use for your documentation, provide a unified content experience to all your customers.

Boosting Product Visibility
and Brand Awareness

Connect with potential customers and existing ones to show them how amazing your software is. Securely share content anywhere and augment your product visibility even before you make a sale.

Optimizing Your Content With Smart Insights

See how your users interact with your content, identify what they like, anticipate their frustrations, and improve documentation before you’re even asked. Get ahead of the feedback curve and then stay there.

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Level Up Your Documentation with Continuous Integration and Delivery

Deliver documentation in real-time, in sync with each new product version rolled out to production. Enhance customer support and field service operations and play a major role in your company's digital transformation.

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Leverage Subject Matter Experts and Speed Up Content Production

Aggregate any content sources such as Salesforce knowledge bases, Confluence wikis or Jira tickets and let your contributors write in their preferred format, whether that's Word, Markdown, AsciiDoc, XML or else.

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Provide Context-Sensitive Documentation To Your Users

Use our deep linking feature and directly give customers access to a specific book or topic from your software application, machine, or device, in context with their current usage.

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Ensure Customers Have Access to Your Content Even Offline

Air gapped or LAN environments, poor connectivity, no network coverage, your customers may not always be able to connect to your online documentation portal. Easily package and ship offline documentation sites to support your users whatever the situation.

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Why Fluid Topics?

Unrivalled Search and NLP Capabilities

Fast Time to Value with Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

Flexible Implementation, SaaS or On-Premises

Secured and Scalable Content Delivery Platform

Trusted by Top Software and Technology Companies

Software & High-Tech Resources & Insights

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