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The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform brings your knowledge to life. Embrace Content-as-a-Service and gain the full strategic value of your content. Transform the way your team operates by giving them the capabilities they need to create engaging digital experiences.

Power Up Your Knowledge With Fluid Topics

Unified Knowledge Platform AI

What is a Content Delivery Platform?

A Content Delivery Platform (CDP) is a software solution that collects all your product knowledge from any source and in any format, unifies it into a central knowledge hub and delivers it wherever you need – docs portal, community channels, in-product help, AI/LLM. The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform connects to all your authoring tools, CMS and publishing platform so you can keep using the tools that work for you.

Fluid Topics serves as a unified repository for all types of content, including product manuals, API documentation, knowledge bases, and customer support materials.

A Solution for Your AI Projects

Launching successful GenAI projects requires more than just cutting-edge algorithms. One crucial component often overlooked is the accessibility of information and how knowledge surfaces. This is where Content Delivery Platforms comes in.

With Fluid Topics, get a single source of truth that gives AI algorithms the possibility to deliver accurate, relevant, and secured content experiences. Leverage ready-to-use GenAI applications and accelerate the deployment of your GenAI content projects by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into your stack.

Fluid Topics AI Gateway

Why Fluid Topics?

A Comprehensive and Smart Knowledge Solution

Harness the power of knowledge with Fluid Topics’ complete and ready-to-use solution. From advanced content delivery to exceptional AI-based content experiences, our software platform empowers your organization to leverage knowledge as a strategic asset.

Connect With Your
Business Tools

Fluid Topics’s content delivery platform allows you to seamlessly connect with the software tools and apps you love. Keep your team’s workflow smooth by using Fluid Topics’ pre-built connectors or creating your own connection using our REST API.

Keep All Your Operations in Sync

Fluid Topics provides endless possibilities for technical writers, customer support teams, field services, developers and more. Improve business efficiency, collaboration, and growth.

Customizable and Feature-Rich

Fluid Topics boasts extensive customization capabilities allowing you to tailor your help portal to meet your specific requirements and preferences. The platform is packed with a wide range of features and tools designed to streamline your content delivery.

AI-Powered Search & Discovery

Fluid Topics offers powerful search and discovery capabilities that leverage both keyword and semantic search. Our proprietary AI-driven search technology prioritizes results based on relevance, context, and user behavior.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our architecture is built with resiliency in mind. We have implemented stringent security and privacy measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information.

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What is a CDP?

What is a Content Delivery Platform (CDP)?

A Content Delivery Platform is a software solution that enables organizations to deliver knowledge efficiently.

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Documentation Portal & Knowledge Base

Quickly build a rich self-service documentation portal with Fluid Topics. Empower your customers to find solutions in a snap.

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GenAI is only as good as the content it is fueled by. Explore why Content Delivery Platforms are a key enabler of successful projects.