Content Delivery Platform

Content Delivery Platform

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The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform reinvents technical content publishing. It transforms your technical content from any source and any format into a smart, unified knowledge hub and delivers actionable information that is tailored to the user and suited to the channel.

How We Change the Game


What is a Content Delivery Platform?

Say goodbye to pre-generated HTML pages and rigid formats. Dynamic Content Delivery frees you from static publishing and one-size-fits-all documents.

A CDP is a software solution that collects, enriches and unifies all types of content to extract its value and expose it in limitless ways. Equipped with a revolutionary technology, Fluid Topics is the leading CDP dedicated to technical documentation.

Why a Content Delivery Platform?

Fluid Topics takes content publishing to the next level by providing countless opportunities for user interactions. Deliver dynamic content that’s personalized to the user. Embrace fine-grained knowledge and feed all modern channels with contextual information.


The Benefits of Dynamic Content Delivery

Content as a Service

Deploy a smart knowledge hub where all your information is centralized and unified. Get a single source of knowledge that serves content on demand.

Feed Every Channel

Deliver your content to websites, chatbots, in-product help, your support desk and technicians all at once. Serve your users, not a format.

Provide Answers

Serve relevant, targeted, contextual and personalized information where and when it’s needed. Leave static manuals behind for good.

Drive Engagement

Get instant feedback from your users as they read content. Leverage interactions and analytics to improve service and boost engagement.

Power Up Your Digital Transformation

Getting Started With Fluid Topics

Best Practices

What is a CDP?

What is a Content Delivery Platform (CDP)?

A Content Delivery Platform is a software solution that enables organizations to deliver knowledge efficiently.

Best Practices

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Best Practices

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