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Fluid Topics engages your users with a host of features that allow them to interact with content, provide feedback, and collaboratively build a successful content experience for all.

How We Change the Game

Fluid Topics Saved Search

Saved Searches and Content Alerts

Always keep your users updated about the topics they love. It takes just a click to save a search and come back to it later. A saved search can be turned into an alert to ensure that the user is informed each and every time content is added or modified.

A Personal Touch

Users can create their own Personal Books on the fly. Simply select content, add comments or notes, then print or share. Whenever the original content is modified, Personal Books are dynamically updated to reflect the changes.

Five-Star Feedback

Something wrong? Something right? A typo or a misprint? Users can communicate directly with content authors to provide feedback, suggestions, and advice. Drive engagement by placing users a click away from authors and encouraging feedback, whether it’s a five-star rating or a tip on how to improve.

Curate a Collection

Create and manage collections of documents focused on a selected product, task or subject. Whether curated manually or automatically, collections keep you on top of any theme. Sync a collection to use it offline and take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge that’s always at your fingertips.

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Set a bookmark to keep useful content just a click away

User Rights

Deploy features and easily control access on an individual, team, or group basis

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Craft & Share

Move beyond one-way static publication, and interactively connect with your users.

Fluid Topic any source, any format

Multi sources, Multi formats

Leverage the diversity of your content sources and formats

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