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Air gapped or LAN environments, poor connectivity, no network coverage, your customers may not always be able to connect to your online documentation portal. It’s where standalone documentation comes in. Easily package and ship offline documentation sites to support your users whatever the situation.

Standalone Documentation Anywhere

Your Content For Disconnected Environments

For security reasons, some IT networks, in a variety of sectors including government, military, science, and technology, are not connected to the web. In manufacturing and construction industries, remote worksites often lack a reliable internet connectivity. To support users who are working off-the-grid, Fluid Topics allows you to create packages of documentation that your customers will easily deploy within their disconnected environment or in their secured network.

Smooth Search and Reading Experience

Each generated zip file contains a lightweight web application that can run in any recent browser. The content package provides the end-user with an interactive search and reading experience. Within your documentation bundle, users can explore topics and find anything in a snap, with a similar experience to your online portal. 

In-Product Help

Bundle your documentation with your product and make your inline help always available to your users. Create custom packages of standalone HTML content and ship them with your products for always-on product support.

Context-Sensitive Documentation

Our deep linking feature directly gives customers access to a specific book or topic from your software application, machine, or device, in context with their current usage. Context-sensitive documentation will always ensure users find the right information in whatever circumstances.


Branded Offline Content

Fluid Topics gives you the flexibility to create a consistent content experience within the standalone documentation app by including your brand CSS stylesheet and other design elements.

Explore More Standalone Documentation Site Capabilities

Flexible deployment

Allow your users to deploy their standalone documentation sites on their internal network and individual workstations, or embed your documentation app in-product.

User Experience First

Move away from old-school CHM readers or static PDFs and provide your users with a seamless product experience.

Smart Content Packager

Define, extract and package the relevant content for a specific customer, product or project, and ship it in a few clicks with Fluid Topics’ Content Packager.

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Customer Success Stories

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