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Technical documentation is core to any manufacturing organization. Delivering the right product information to the right place and the right person in a time of need, especially during installation, maintenance and repair activities, is key to maximizing employees’ productivity and elevating the customer experience.

With Fluid Topics, centralize all your product knowledge and maintenance resources and serve personalized and context-sensitive content to each of your employees, customers, and partners.


800 hoursof worktime saved per year

34%decrease in
support tickets

60%time savings in
searching documents

What Makes Our Technology Right For You?

A Unified Industry 4.0 Knowledge Center

Give your employees, customers and partners access to a single source of truth and connect them to the contextualized answers they need. Provide a frictionless and intuitive content experience.

Case-Deflecting Customer

Make your product information available on-demand and enable customers to find answers on their own. Cut your service tickets and avoid unnecessary service visits.

Reduce Resolution Time

Help your support teams visualize the user’s content journey and immediately recommend the most relevant information to answer complex enquiries. Increase uptime and customer satisfaction.

A Unique & Efficient Partner Experience

Provide your partners with the product knowledge that helps them sell and serve your products better. Extend your presence across your network.

Fast Onboarding and Upskilling

Accelerate know-how by delivering personalized knowledge experiences that make sense for your teams. Leverage your documentation and reduce time to proficiency.

Achieving More with Real-Time Analytics

Get greater insight into your documentation usage and track your KPIs. Leverage metrics on content gaps, case deflection and more. Enrich your knowledge base and prioritize your resources.

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Explore the Possibilities

Deliver the Most Relevant Content with AI-Powered Results

Quickly access the answer that matches the exact configuration of the machine or device requiring service. Increase uptime and release truck rolls.

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Your Documentation, Optimized for Every Device & Screen

Benefit from a responsive interface that adapts automatically to the size of the screen, and perfect rendering of any formats including interactive SVGs and 3D images.

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Ensure Customers Have Access to Your Content Even Offline

Approach any service call or maintenance intervention knowing that your users always have the needed technical resources with them, even offline.

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Always Keep Your Users Updated About their Favorite Topics

Ensure your users are informed each and every time content is added or modified. Give them the reliable knowledge toolbox they've always wanted.

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Why Fluid Topics?

Unrivalled Search and NLP Capabilities

Fast Time to Value with Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

Flexible Implementation, SaaS or On-Premises

Secured and Scalable Content Delivery Platform

Trusted by Top Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Resources & Insights

Case Studies

How Liebherr Mining Modernized its Technical Documentation with a Content Delivery Portal

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