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Fluid Topics connects Field Service personnel to the product information they need to get their job done right in all situations. Exceed your SLAs while improving expertise on the field with next-generation content services.

Increase Field Service Productivity and Performance

Fluid Topics’ Content Delivery Platform enables companies to provide highly reliable, up-to-date product documentation to their service engineers, in-context with the installation they are servicing for faster, more efficient maintenance and service calls.

Fluid Topics takes all documentation formats to the field: text, 2D, 3D, multimedia, and more, are perfectly rendered to the technicians’ mobile devices for clearer instructions and consistently applied procedures.

Benefits for Your Business

Fast Product Answers

Find answers in a snap. Increase uptime and exceed your SLAs.

True Mobility

Guarantee access to product information even when your technicians are working offline.

Better User Safety

Provide reliable product content in all situations. Your teams will work safer and by the book.

Improved Compliance

Trace your documentation usage. Strengthen adherence to your procedures and policies.

Ongoing Technician Training

Train and upskill your teams on and off the field with contextualized product content.

Efficient Blended Workforce

Onboard and share product information with your contractors and partners effortlessly.

Hear more from Industry Leaders Using Fluid Topics

The implementation of the Fluid Topics platform is an important modernization step that will help remove inefficiencies as well as allow more personalized forms of documentation and up-to-date instructions.

1 Central Hub

For Their Blended Workforce

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How We Change the Game

One Knowledge Center

All of your technical documentation is available to your field teams in a unified repository. Based on their rights and accreditations, your technicians can take everything they need from a single, reliable knowledge toolbox.

Powerful Contextual Search

Deeply contextual AI-powered results mean you can be sure that the answers you get are not only right but also fit for purpose, matching the exact configuration of the machine or device requiring service.

Fluid Topics Search

Field Service

Designed for Life in the Field

Provide your field technicians with an easy-to-use solution that gives them reliable product information readable on any device. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or AR-VR goggles, the user reading experience is always optimized and truly native.

Offline, Not Out of Action

Maintain access to the technical information that your field teams need even when they are offline. Whether it’s hundreds of feet below ground level or in an elevator shaft, with Fluid Topics, being off the grid doesn’t have to mean being out of action.


Explore More Fluid Topics Capabilities

Any Device, Any OS

Your content is responsive and adapts to any screen at once

Personalized Tools

Set bookmarks and create personal books for more efficient interactions with technical content

Reader Application

Push everything else to the side and focus on reading only what you need

Learn How Fluid Topics Supercharges Your Entire Organization

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Content Delivery Platform

The Fluid Topics Content Delivery Platform enables organizations to manage their knowledge efficiently and deliver product answers anywhere.