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At Fluid Topics, your success is our goal. Our Professional Services team is tasked with ensuring that you get up and running with Fluid Topics in record time and extract maximum value from your Content Delivery Platform at all times.

This is How We Work

Immediate Action

Get started fast and see what Fluid Topics can do for your content in just a few hours. Test environments are available immediately so you can upload your content, experiment and test, onboard your team and take action in no time.

Agility for Success

Our approach to project management is iterative and interactive to help deliver quick results and guarantee success. From branding and integrating to publishing and configuring, every project is divided into workshops that get you moving fast.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly improve and optimize with Fluid Topics. Enable additional features as your business changes, integrate more content sources when required, adopt new functionalities with each release, and incorporate best practices to maximize impact.

You’re in Control

Whether you want to do it yourself, delegate the heavy lifting to our team, or bring a partner on board, you are always in the driver’s seat. You choose how much support you need  and when – that’s part of what being an open platform is all about.

Fluid Topics got our test system up and running within a week. It was immediately easy to use and to upload, and it was already looking beautiful out of the box. It took us very little effort to customize it to our look and feel and requirements.

1 week

to fully deploy a test environment with customer content

Source: Napatech

Get the Services You Need

Use Case Analysis

Provide your most complex use cases and we’ll explain the best way to handle them

Content Delivery Best Practices and Consulting

Benefit from our team’s experience and expertise

Project Management

Our methodology is agile, efficient, interactive, and geared toward your success

Implement, Integrate and Test

…and then repeat the fundamentals of continuous improvement

Architecture Design

We support the architecture that fits your needs, now and as your business grows


Build on best practices and get the support you need to make Fluid Topics your own

Never Alone

Our global partnerships power up your Fluid Topics experience

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Find out more about the Fluid Topics fundamental and advanced courses



Get exceptional support for your solution, just the way you like it

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