Fluid Topics and WhP are both experts in managing content and transforming it using advanced technology and workflows. Our joint offering enables customers to provide the information the user needs in his language.

Hear From WhP International

DITA is emerging as the leading structured content standard, and we see it as an opportunity for our customers to optimize their multilingual content generation. In its wake dynamic publishing will become the rule, as it delivers up-to–date personalized content. That’s where Antidot and WhP meet, and our joint offering, based on advanced technology and processes, enables publishers to provide the desired content in the desired language.

About WhP International

Headquartered in France, WhP is a Localization Services Provider whose promise is to help growing technology companies become global content publishers. Expertise is our core value and comprises two focuses: first, technology and processes. We strive to provide innovative localizing services that augment efficiency and content quality. Second, our customer’s industry: we specialize in translating highly technical content and work with linguists who have a proven track record in our customer’s offering.

We excel in bringing together DITA and localization. Our services are a link in the content creation chain and can add value to the other tasks, namely authoring, management, publishing and validating. Our in-house experts help the customer who has adopted DITA to cut down the cost of localization while improving content quality.

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